Wednesday, May 1, 2013

29 weeks

I wasn't sure I would actually get my weekly update done today with both kids having surgery yesterday.  Thankfully I got a chance to work on it before Bristol's night got rough.   Around 11 pm we ended up sleeping on the air mattress in the living room together.  She was miserable and just needed snuggles.   Over the course of the night she threw up 2 times which couldn't have been comfortable for her sore throat.     This morning she seems to be doing a little better.   Eldon on the other hand slept all night long as usual.  He did wake up around 4ish because he needed to pee really bad but he went right back to sleep after asking daddy for medicine because he hurt.  He is still asleep now.   The goal for today is to make sure both kiddos have lots of fluids.  I also may need to have a visit with the yoga video because sleeping on an air matress is not for the pregnant.

I really wish I was one of the pregnant women that stayed oh so tiny until right at the end but I am not and my belly is getting bigger by the day.  

This week I have been feeling pretty great.  I definitely notice that my energy is not what it used to be.  By the end of the day I am completely exhausted and unfortunately that means my running has taken a hit.   I only ran once last week.  This week I ran Sunday so far, I was hoping to run last night but my legs were pretty sore from being used all day long yesterday.  Hopefully I can get in a little bit of Barre3 in tonight and then get back to running Thursday but it all depends on how the kiddos are doing.

My diet is horrible right now.   I am terrified what my glucose test results are going to be.    I am still planning to get up and get the blood work done tomorrow morning as long as the kiddos are doing okay, if not I will wait until next week to do it.  And if I get sleep.  I was up quite bit with Fuss last night and since she has slept 12 hours a night since she was 6 weeks old it is not something I am used too.

I don't really think I have much else to say, so without further ado--- the belly!

I love when the kiddos want to be in my picture.
 Shirt/Forever 21--Shirt/Old navy maternity--Skirt/me--Shoes/Toms

It was a lazy week around here.  I left the house 3 times.  Grocery store, doctors appointment, and for surgery.  So I dressed kind of lazy.  

Shirt/Target--Jeans/Old Navy maternity--Scarf/Me--Shoes/Toms

Cardigan/Gift--Shirt/Old Navy maternity--Jeans/Old Navy Maternity--Shoes/Toms

Shirt/Old Navy maternity--Jeans/Old Navy Maternity--Shoes/Toms

Shirt/Forever 21-- Dress/Forever 21-- Shoes/Toms

pleated poppy

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