Friday, May 31, 2013

Instagram: Play-Doh, Park visits, and Selfies

Another week... another phone update.  My instgram feed has been kind of light this week.   Not sure why but I haven't been taking as many pictures with my phone lately.  Well that is a lie, I know exactly why because my phone is having major issues.  I was due for an upgrade last month but I am trying to hold out until after the baby is born.   So I am just not using it that much because when I do I want to throw it at a wall or run into Verizon and get a new phone.  The thing stopping me is that would be a 2 hour drive and by the time I get there I would have talked myself out of it.  When I want to get on facebook or catch up on blogs I pull out the iPad or computer.  And while I love the iPad (it pains me to say that about an Apple product) the camera is not that great... not that my phone is much better.   

This week was a short work week for Jeremy as I am sure it was with everyone but it seemed to be twice as long.  Jeremy was kind enough to share whatever illness he had with Eldon so the kid was pretty miserable on Monday and Tuesday but I fully believe he did a lot better than he would have pre-surgery.   I feel like having his adenoids out really help.  Yes he is still going to get sick and some days he has a little bit of allergy symptoms but most days he is a completely healthy kid.   And it really annoys him that he doesn't get medicine any more.  My kiddo is a big weirdo.  

We have also taken away Bristol's bedtime pull up.   We noticed she was waking up drier and drier each night so we decided to try again.  This is only like our 5th attempt. But it is our most successful attempt so far.  I would say we are at about a 75% success rate right now.  Hopefully over the next week she will get to  100% because I am sick of the extra laundry.  

But as I said this is a weekly update in phone pictures... so here it goes.
I found these pictures on my phone the other day and thought it was cute that she was taking selfies.  
This little dude.  He makes me so happy.  Even if we are discovering what being 2 is all about.   He actually is getting a late start compared to Sissy Monster.   She started around the 18 month mark he is starting around the 28 month mark.  
Why do we buy our kids toys?   The laundry basket and cooler are 2 of their favorite toys.   Yes there are toys in the background.  Nope they don't play with them.  They just like to dump them out so they can have 5 minutes of iPad time before bed when they clean the up.
Her smile.   She stole my hat and was super proud of herself. 
Last Friday we had to go shopping, which is an all day affair.  In between our store runs we stopped at a park to let the kiddos run out some of their jitters.  I got a new hat because my head was still red from the Safari Park.  
I love that she has Baby Daphne's legs through the cart as well.  Lately this baby has become an extra member of the family.   Maybe it has something to do with how close to our due date we are getting.  
Play-Doh.  Messy, yes.   An hour of quiet play, well worth it.  
The snail cracks me up every time. But it pretty much describes me lately. Last night I did 2.25 out of my usual 4 miles. I started cramping and couldn't stop so I had to cut my run short. But I am proud of myself for getting on the treadmill. It's not easy. It may have involved getting off to take Tums. And nope the cramping doesn't really worry me because I seriously cramp when I get off the couch. The joys of being on #3.

Well that is all I have for this week.  Happy Friday. 

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

33 weeks

Top/JCP--Jeans/Burlington Coat Factoy-- Shoes/Toms

Well we are just starting out with belly pictures today.  Mostly because I was feeling all cute in this yesterday morning.  Thinking this shirt was flattering and made my belly look oh-so-small but then I saw these pictures.   And this shirt makes me look anything but small.   

I have very few clothes that work these days.  They just are not long enough.   I am pretty long in the torso so I already have a hard time finding clothes that fit right and then you throw in my mondo pregnant belly and well, it makes for a very interesting last few weeks.

Not much has been developing in the pregnancy department lately.  Some days I feel great, others I remember why I didn't really enjoy it the first 2 times.  Some days my feet are awesome and other days the bottoms of them hurt so bad I can barely walk on them.   Some days I exercise other days I regret eating way too much shrimp alfredo for dinner and lay on the couch knowing that if I even attempted to run my food might just come back up since it is already burning the crud out of my throat.   Some days I sleep, other days I decided that 11 pm is in fact the perfect time to start working on pictures and blogging.   Yep that is pretty much where I am.  But I do know one thing.  Today is one of those days were I like knowing that I have as many as 7 weeks left because we haven't even started getting ready for this baby yet.  But hey it is our third so we should know a thing or 2 right?  Hahaha.    

Oh on the fashion front, I got my camera remote in the mail today.  No more timer and running to get in place and the awkwardly posing for picture.  Who are we kidding, I will be awkward no matter what.  

Sweater/Target--Top/Costco--Jeans/Old Navy refashioned by me

Top/Target--Skirt/Me--Hat/Target--Kids/Me :)
Bristol insisted on wearing these pants this day.  She kept saying, I want my mommy pants when I walked into her room to get her dressed.  So we walked around matching all day.  

pleated poppy

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bible verse collage and abc and shape garland.

Right now the kiddos are singing me Jesus Loves Me.  It is warming my heart.  Especially now that Eldon is learning some of the lines.   

I should really learn how to take pictures of decor.  Mine stink and I personally don't think they do my awesome bible verse collage justice.   Over the weekend I finally took the time to finish these up.  All I had left to do was the hanging but I swear it took just as much time as the painting.  

 Here is what the actual prints look like.   I did them all myself and I was pretty happy with how they came out.

This one is actually going on Eldon's wall.   

I love the NLT version of the verse.  I know most use one of the versions that starts off with train instead of direct but I just like the direct idea better.   

I love this verse for Bristol

That banner took forever!

My addiction to free fonts really came in handy for this project.  

 I actually finished up her garland last weekend and hung it then.  I was working on a banner for our mantel (very slowly coming along) and Bristol asked if I would make one for her room.   I was happy to agree.  I used my Cricut for all the shapes and letter.  They are on scrap booking paper.  The same paper I used on her ribbon chandelier.

I am pretty much done with decorating projects for her room.  We are still working on the bed situation.  Plus I need to get the other curtain panel.  I actually went to get it this past Friday when we were at Target but totally forgot to look and see what size I needed didn't really matter anyways as they were all out of the pink blackout curtain panel that I needed.   I also bought a curtain rod but it was too small so I need to exchange it.   Clearly she wasn't meant to get a curtain this weekend. 

My list is looking almost complete then I can move onto Eldon and Little Turkey's room.
My original plan was to wait until after Little Turkey was born to make the crib bedding since it is a surprise and I really wanted to use purple in the bedding if it was a girl but I have since changed my mind.   I am going to go with green, teal, navy, and orange.  The only difference is I was only going to use navy if it was a boy but I have been working on a few other things and I really like how the navy is working with the other colors. But if I do happen to get it done before the baby is born I am holding off on the bed skirt because I would still love to do a tutu bed skirt if it is a girl.   

Well I need to get a move on my morning.   Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Eldon, tan lines, and running

This is usually how picture taking of Eldon goes...

"Eldon, what ya doin?"

Must look away quick she has a camera

Ugh, she still has that camera

Really, you want a picture that bad?  Wasn't the one of my chin enough?

Okay I will blow you a bubble with my spit

Okay, I guess I can give her a little itty bitty grin 

What the heck, its been a while, I will give her the full on smile.

I forgot how cute I am, here is another smile mommy!

Okay I am done.

It is rare that I get that many pictures of him looking at the camera.  Normally he is running away yelling "no titure, no titure mommy!"  Which just cracks me up since Bristol is usually asking me to take her picture.   On this particular day she was inside pouting because I told her she need to go and play.

 You can't see it that great in this picture but I now have a tan line from my Toms.  It cracks me up every time I look at my feet.

  I GOT ON THE TREADMILL!  And ran 4 miles.  Well ran, walked 4 miles.  After having to take a week and a half off due to my body just being plain uncomfortable I figured I probably wasn't going to get run again.  But last night I did.   I think the kids could probably run faster than me at this point but I am almost 33 weeks pregnant.  Hopefully I can keep it up and run 2 more times this week.  Jeremy put up a shelf over my treadmill so I could watch tv a little easier.

I woke up a lot last night so I don't feel all that rested this morning.  Hopefully coffee helps.  

I have nothing else for you right now, my brain is kind of fuzzy.  

Oh lets throw a picture in of Jeremy!  
You cant tell but I was very pregnant with Eldon in this picture.

I am so very thankful for all that have served our country.   Happy Memorial day!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A fun day of errands

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  

1 1/2 hour car ride.  Costco.  Lunch at Bj's because we love their unlimited soup and salad combo and the kids like their pizza.   Park.  Target.  Yogurtland.  Park.   1 1/2 hour car ride home.   

An exhausting but fun day.  Somewhere in there we got a hat for my sunburned head and sunscreen for the kiddos arms.   We ran out all of our wiggles from being in the car too long.    And yet we didn't do everything we went to do because Jeremy was sick and I was worn out by the 2nd trip to the park.   But I loved it.  I love when we get to go do fun normal family things like enjoy an afternoon at the park.   I wish we had an awesome covered park here that we could enjoy but nope none of them are set up for warm weather which is crazy since we live in the middle of the desert.  

I really want Yogurtland again today, what do you think my chances are of convincing Jeremy that a 3 hour round trip drive is worth it for a bowl of frozen deliciousness?  

Now today we relax and enjoy the rest of our weekend.   Jeremy is currently at doctor's office urgent care seeing if there is anything they can do to help him feel better.    

I hope you all enjoy you weekend!
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