Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scenes from today

Today, I think I experienced a little bit of everything.  Joy, stress, happiness, pride, frustrations, fear, but most of all I wished I could have traded places with the kids. 

They did awesome.  The surgery center staff just gushed over them.  Dr V said Eldon was the perfect pre-op patient  He let the nurse put in the IV with no problems and then as they wheeled him back he watched Veggie Tales on mommy's phone until he fell asleep.  When he woke up he was quite grumpy but a popsicle and Veggie Tales helped him perk right up.  About 10 popsicles later he was ready to go.   Since we have been home he has been running around like nothing happened.    The cutest thing of all was that he didn't want mommy or daddy with him in the pre-op room, he wanted his big sissy.  And the amazing staff let me and Bristol come back and keep them company.

Bristol, poor little girl, she has horrible veins.   She was totally cool with everything.  She watched Eldon get his IV and we asked her if they could put one in her.  She was okay with it but unfortunately they couldn't find a vein.  So they had to wait until she was asleep.   4 or 5 tries late Dr V finally got her IV started.  Because her IV took a little longer to start, surgery was delayed a little bit which actually worked out perfectly for us because by the time she was wheeled out, Eldon was at a point where he only needed one parent.    As soon as she woke up she insisted Mommy hold her and she promptly fell back asleep until the nurse took out her IV.  She was scaring us a little because she was refusing to eat or drink while we were driving.  But finally when we got home she was all about eating the popsicle and drinking juice.  

Both kids wanted pancakes as soon as we walked in the door.  4 pancakes, 2 eggs, a few handfuls of frozen blueberries, and 2 Popsicle later Bristol is finally full.   Eldon, well I don't think he is ever full.  He never got the memo that his appetite isn't supposed to be this big until he is a teenager. 

My biggest worry about this whole thing was how would Bristol's IV go, while it wasn't ideal she was asleep for the whole thing.    Even when they wheeled both kids back for the surgery I never once feared the actual surgery.  We had an amazing doctor and the staff at the surgery center was awesome that I never doubted their ability.  I am sure glad we choose to drive to the surgery center the Doctor preferred because it was totally worth it.  They were amazing with the kiddos.  If we lived closer I would probably make them a cake or something.  

I am hoping tonight goes as smoothly as today and the kiddos can get a good nights sleep.

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