Monday, April 29, 2013

Nesting, Books, and Surgery

I may or may not use Bristol and Eldon as my little errand doers. There have been a few times Bristol has rescued a toilet paperless mommy.  

Friday and Saturday I deep cleaned the coffee pot, dish washer, and washing machine.  They were all starting to smell funky.  Hopefully it takes care of the problem.  I feel like my nesting is finally kicking in.  Hopefully I will get the baby clothes sorted and washed sometime this week while I am in a nesting phase.

I started reading my book finally.  I bought it for our Colorado Trip but just cracked the cover.  It is so nice to read an actual book instead of read on the iPad or Nook. -- Well I already finished my book since I started this post on Friday.  It was a good book but not his best.  

The kiddos are having the surgery tomorrow.    I am still not really nervous about the surgery more about how the kiddos are going to do in the morning when they can't eat, how Bristol is going to do with getting an IV after her traumatic blood draw experience, and how they are going to react when they wake up.   

I wouldn't be surprised if Little Turkey tries to make an early exit because it is sick of being squished by Duder.    Anytime Eldon gets in my lap, the baby goes crazy probably from fear.  That being said, I am really hoping to stay pregnant till 39 weeks although I have a feeling it isn't likely.  

I went to pay the registration for the Toyota on Friday only to get a notice that I need a smog check.  Clearly all I looked at when we got the renewal notice was how much I owed not how many hoops I had to jump through to drive my vehicle.  Thankfully I could still pay so I don't have a late fee since my registration was due yesterday and I waited till the last minute to pay it.   The major bummer is now I have to go to DMV to complete registration.  And go to the smog check place.

Well I need to get the house cleaned and pack.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.

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