Friday, April 5, 2013

Instagram: Sand, nail art, stroller trips, and another goal reached

My weekly recap according to my phone.  You can follow me on instagram @randomcrazybennetts
Earlier this week I finally remembered to buy sand for their sand table.  But putting it on a regular table is much more fun.
We made these bracelets at MOP's yesterday.   I do NOT have the patience to make jewelry, I will leave that up to my wonderful Mother In Law who supplies me with lots of beautiful pieces she has crafted.
Oh see the sand in the sand table can be fun too.
We are having beautiful weather this week so I made the dogs stay outside all day.  You would think I was murdering them by their responses.  Ollee Bear was having a stare down with me.
Spinach Artichoke dip.  So so good.  And it taste better the longer it sits in the fridge.  Yep I use the kids bowls out of habit
I put the tape on my fingers too soon.  I attempted again that night and ended up scratching up the silver.  I am currently on my 3rd try but I am thinking this particular design is not meant to happen.
Cinnamon rolls. 
 Jeremy is getting better and better at making these.   The bread is perfect but the icing still needs a little help.  
My current toe scheme.
Still loving my stroller.  We live about 8 seconds from the store.  If there wasn't a house behind us I could make it a quicker trip.  So lately when I need to restock the milk and oj supply I have been loading the kids up in the stroller.  It takes just as much time to walk there and back as it does to drive there and back and its a little easier on my pregnant body because I don't have to wrestle the kids in and out of the car.

Bristol picked out these shoes.  Not the style I would have chosen but they are much prettier on her feet than they were on the website.  I am having a really hard time handing over control to her on picking out her clothes.  I know it is a natural thing but this control freak mama likes to do it her way and Bristol is just as stubborn as me.  Maybe more since she gets it from both parents.  
Awe, they are sharing!  Oh wait, that is the ice cream lid that they took off the counter without asking.  Oh well, they are sharing.  We will put this in the parenting win category   
At home gel nails. I really like the idea but I am still doing something wrong because they chipped the next day.  
I ran a little further than I meant to last night. And I kind of had a clumsy moment and hoping the soreness from my almost fall and catching myself goes away soon. But I hit 60 miles! Half way done. Hopefully next week I won't be feeling as lazy and will actually run my usual 3 times instead of 2. It felt good to hit this milestone.

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  1. Those toe nails are adorable!!!

    What app do you use for your running?


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