Friday, April 19, 2013

Instagram: Salmon, Kiddos, and More Food Pictures

Another week has passed.   I don't even really want to acknowledge how fast the weeks are going because July is going to be here before I know it and with that comes Little Turkey.    

Today we are going in for the kids pre-op blood work and I have to say this is the part that makes me the most nervous about the whole surgery thing.  The actually surgeries really don't scare me, maybe because I had it done myself but them having to get their blood taken... that worries me.   I am hoping since they have gone with me to get my blood work done a few times that it wont be a big deal to them.  Wish us luck!   

Now onto life according to my phone...
I love Jeremy's salmon.  Maybe one day he will share his recipe on the blog.  We have this for dinner almost every Sunday and I start looking forward to it on Monday.  Its a long week, dreaming about fish.
My beast was broken for almost 2 weeks.   I missed it.  I was happy to be reunited.  Mostly I missed having a 4 door vehicle.  I was driving Jeremy's 2 door Yukon in the mean time and my pregnant belly didn't agree with trying to the kids in and out of the backseat.
I may try and get dressed every day but some days I just need to wear yoga pants.  This was one of those days.   After being on my feet all day Thursday, I was so worn out and all I wanted to do was stay in comfy clothes.
I bought new $6 sunglasses so I had to make a new case.  Look at all that serging.  Me and the serger are finally geting along.  It only took 2 years.  I am really bad about just throwing my glasses in my purse which is why I don't spend a whole lot of money on them.  The bad thing is I do it with my prescription glasses as well.  
Fuss got a whole bunch of splinters in her little finger.  So we tried out a Pinterest pin.  Once we opened the skin back up it worked like a charm.  
My roses are blooming like crazy.  So the kids and I picked a few for the house.  Bristol asked for cup for her room as well.  I probably have at least 60 flowers out on my bushes again. Craziness.
This was her first attempt at writing her name on her own.
"I snuggle the baby mommy"--one of my absolute favorite pictures to date.  She loves to love on the belly, lets hope she feels the same amount of love once the baby is actually here.
Banana bread. so good.  all gone.  MUST MAKE MORE
The one and only day that the wind wasn't going crazy this week.  We took full advantage of it.
A weeks worth of waffles.  Okay I should probably be honest.  They are only going to end up lasting like 3 days because I have been snacking on them like crazy.  They are the only thing that fills me up without give my pains.  I also love the fact that my kids are perfectly cool with eating "dry" waffles because they have blueberries in them.  

Looking at my post... I take way to many Instagram pictures but I can't help it... its an addiction.   You can follow me @crazyrandombennetts

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