Friday, April 26, 2013

Instagram- Doctor's appointments and plants

What a week!   It feels like I was super busy but my phones says otherwise.

Bristol put on my sunglasses and then asked me to take her picture.  I was happy to do it. 

Saturday Jeremy took the kiddos to a car show.  Unfortunately for him there was a park right near the cars so he really didn't get to explore as much as he would have liked.   I stayed home with a book.  It was wonderful.  

The wind stopped again so we headed out in the back yard.  Ignore our grass that is seriously in need of a visit from the lawn mower.

I only ran once this week and it was horrible. I was hot and had no energy.  I ended up walking a good portion of my 3.60 miles.  At least I had a The Voice to keep me entertained.  I am hoping to get a run in tonight but my body is pretty worn out from yesterday.

Taco Soup w/gold fish

So this is the avocado plant.   The one I agreed to letting Jeremy grow because I seriously didn't think it would work.    Stupid me!   Never agree to something just because you don't think it will work, you will end up with a rapid growing plant.  

Bristol and I went all out with our nails this week.  She had to have 5 colors, while I only had 3.    I put my nail colors in this little container which made me realize I need a few more because there is still some space left.  Jeremy didn't agree.

First pair of prescription sun glasses.
I have worn glasses for the last 12 years- 2 years shy of half my life.  But this is the first time I have had a pair of sunglasses.   Normally I refuse to wear my glasses but lately my eyes have been so dry that my contacts are just not an option but I can't go outside without sunglasses.  I have very sensitive eyes.  So Jeremy pushed me to get sunglasses.  I actually really like them.  

Sibling love!  
Am I the only one who finds it harder to get the kids out of the new carts Costco has?  Maybe it is because I am pregnant but I swear there is less room for there little butts in there.

Yesterday we had our final pre-op appointments for the kiddos before surgery on Tuesday.  Rarely do I adventure out without the kiddos on my own.  I mean I will take them to the grocery store on my own but when we go to Lancaster (an almost 2 hour drive) Jeremy usually goes with me.   Several reasons but the main one is we usually have so much to do down there that it turns into an all day event.  But yesterday he just couldn't take the day off work so off I went.    I am really proud of myself-- I conquered Costco, Target, and the mall all on my own plus the doctors office.  I know there are moms out there who do this type of thing on there own all the time with more than 2 kids but I just don't.  The kids were so well behaved that we went out for ice cream last night when we got home.  I have been craving banana splits ever since Vegas.  

We don't really have anything exciting planned for this weekend.   I am still trying to decided if I should plan meals for the next 2 weeks or if we should just go day by day since Bristol will have a pretty sore throat for a while.   I do know I need to at least head to the store for jello, otter pops, and juice since these are things we never have on had but will be stuff she will want.

Well I should probably get up and clean and do the laundry that is waiting for me!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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