Friday, April 12, 2013

Instagram: Car rides, doctors appointments, and flowers

This week has been kind of lazy but crazy.  I will let my phone tell you about it

A friend from Canada was in Vegas this past weekend so we drove up for the day on Saturday. 

Our banana split from the Sugar Factory.  If you are ever in Vegas and looking for a place that has amazing desserts this place is the place to go.   The portions are huge and totally worth it.  Now I want another.  

Eldon likes to fall asleep on the floor.  He no longer falls asleep for nighttime in his bed.  And he likes me to tuck him in on the floor.   Jeremy will go in and take him potty and convince him to get in his bed right before we go to sleep.  
Have you missed pictures of my treadmill?   I ran 3.50 miles on Tuesday.  This makes me so happy.  I am really proud of myself that I am staying so active this pregnancy.
We are working on the letter M this week.   Bristol is loving that she gets to use M&M's for school work.

I painted my nails again.  My design for last week didn't last more than a day after it took 3 times to finally get it to work.  The blue color is my absolute favorite nail color and makes an appearance often. 
Its crazy how much my roses are blooming.  We have had some serious wind lately so I was surprised to walk out in the front yard on Wednesday and see all the roses.   I need to clip a few for the house.  I should probably start on weeding the flower bed but I am going to use the excuse that I am pregnant and don't want too. 
The kids got new sunglasses.  Yep they are the same ones just different colors.   They totally picked them out on their own.   Bristol picked hers because they are "like daddy's glasses".   Bristol proceed to wear her glasses for the rest of the day.   She also had to show them off at the doctors office and to her grandparents.

We had an ENT appointment for the kiddos yesterday.    After an hour of waiting, the kids were starting to get restless so I pulled out the iPad.   Thankfully we only waited about 5 more minutes but it was a nice quiet 5 minutes were mommy and daddy got to relax for the first time that day.   

It was decided that both kids will be having surgery at the end of this month.   Eldon will be having his adenoids out and Bristol will be having her tonsils and adenoids out. So we are having them done on the same day.  The hope is that this will make Eldon's allergies better or at least a little more manageable   Because right now we are giving him a lot of medicine just to have it do nothing.
Hopefully the nebulizer will be a distant memory after we get those annoying adenoids out.

All in all it was a good week.    I have been struggling quiet a bit lately with feeling down but yesterday reminded me I have a lot to be thankful for.  We have wonderful insurance that allows us to take care of the kiddos and it is covering their surgeries completely.  I have an amazing Mother in Law who is always willing to help us out even when she is swamped with her own work because it means she gets more time with the grand-kid's    I know how blessed I am everyday to have a man like Jeremy but yesterday I was thankful he was there.  That he is always willing to be just as much of a parent as I am in our kids lives.   He is always willing to split the duties with me and a lot of times he takes over everything so I can have a break.   

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