Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter, egg hunts, coffee, and maxi skirts

I love when Jeremy cleans the kitchen up before bed so when I come in to make breakfast all I have to do is cook.  

I am such a coffee bean snob.   I drink my coffee black so I am pretty picky about how it taste.   A couple weeks ago I ran out of my usual Starbucks Morning Joe beans and totally forgot to pick up more while we were down in Lancaster shopping.  So I hit up our local Starbucks but as usual they didn't have them and I wasn't paying $5 extra to have them shipped here but thankfully Albertson's had a bag of ground beans.  I thought "oh this wont be to bad".  Ya right, pre-ground beans have no beautiful smell or flavor.  So even though I still have half a bag of the already ground beans I bought the last of the whole beans Starbucks had.  My coffee was so much better these last 2 days.

This weekend was a nice relaxing one.  Which was a change after the stressful week we had.   We were supposed to go to my parents but since we had some unexpected car repairs it just didn't work out.  Instead Saturday we made the quick trip to my in-laws so the kids could still experience Easter.  See I am not one of those moms who does holiday inspired crafts, remembers to decorate the house, and I couldn't even tell you the last time I died eggs.  Personally it seems like a giant headache which is why I leave the fun stuff like that up to the Grandparents.   We didn't even do Easter baskets because I knew they would get them from both sets of Grandparents.    So Saturday they got to hunt eggs, discover their baskets, and then we went to church.  It has been a while since we have been to church.  Like since we went back to Colorado.  We still watch church every Sunday but it is not quite the same.   I really miss going to church and it has been a really hard thing with us not being able to find a church home here.

I didn't get that great of pictures for the egg hunt.  I wasn't willing to do what it took to get the shots, maybe the whole baking a child thing might have had something to do with it.  And I totally forgot to take a picture of the kids in their "dressed" up outfits.  More like a button down shirt that Eldon has been able to wear for the last 2 Easter's and a dress Bristol had in the back of her closet.

I do have a picture of what mommy wore.
Totally not looking at the camera at all!

I was wearing a different white shirt most of the day but then I went for coffee and ended up spilling it all down my shirt.  Thankfully I packed an extra shirt in my bag (it has been a week of multiple spills) so I switched into my clean shirt right as we were walking out the door for church.  I am loving my maxi skirts they are the best pregnant wardrobe piece ever.  Why didn't I have them with the last 2 pregnancies?  I really need to get to the garment district for more knit so I can have one for every day of the week.  (If I blog about going enough maybe we will actually find time to go).

Sunday we just hung out at home.  I have a horrible fever blister, first one in almost 2 years, so I had to run to the store for medicine.  I was surprised by how many stores were open.  It made me kind of sad but my painful lip was thankful.

Well I guess I should stop blogging, get on reading all the blogs I subscribe too (like a 125 and I am always adding more), and then you know do my usual house cleaning.  Happy Monday everyone!

I plan to have March 365 up tomorrow.  

I am linking up with Camp Patton today

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  1. wow. you look AWESOME. Maxis are the pregs best friend forever. Why I never wore them with Julia's pregnancy I'll never know!

  2. You look wonderful!! I agree with Grace...Maxi's are pregnant girls best friend! Happy, Happy Easter!!


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