Monday, April 8, 2013

A weekend break

This weekend was such a good weekend.   Friday afternoon we dropped the kiddo's off with my in-laws for a 2 night stay or 2 sleeps as Bristol would say.   She likes to know exactly how many sleeps she has till something happens like mommy and daddy coming back or how many sleeps till she gets to see Maga.  After we dropped them off we headed back home, where we had wonderful exciting plans of relaxing and maybe watching a movie.  Instead we went to bed at like 9 and I was passed out by 9:30.

Saturday we got up super early, okay well only 5:30 but it felt super early.   We headed up to Vegas for the day.   I am part of what started as a What To Expect online group for Bristol's birth month and now we have our own little Facebook group.  These women are some of my closest friends and we know way to much about each other.   I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of them in person and was super happy to meet 2 more this weekend.  I have met Kim on several occasions before since my sister used to live right down the street from her but this is my first time meeting Jen and Leslie.    I need to admit I was a little nervous at first.   Jen and I get along great but I wasn't sure if Jeremy and Michael would hit it off and they were the only husbands there.  But I had nothing to worry about.   Michael is pretty much a Canadian version of Jeremy.  

Me, Lesile, Jen, and Kim

Lesile, Kim, Jen, Me

Me and Jen
If you need to truly smile in a picture, just have Jeremy and Michael take the pictures.  They are hilarious.  One takes a bazillion pictures and the other one is still probably trying to get one picture. 

Jeremy, Me, Jen, and Michael

By the end of the night my stomach hurt from laughing so much, my feet were letting me know just how pregnant I am, and I was exhausted but oh was it a fun day.   We got home at 3 am but I may or may not have slept the whole way home while my amazing husband drove.

Sunday morning when I could finally sleep in, I woke up at 7:30 and there was no convincing my body to go back to sleep.  

The kids, well Eldon, were so excited to see us when we went to pick them up.  Bristol was happy to inform us that she wanted to stay at Maga's house. 

Sometimes as a mom, well a lot of times, I can't wait to get a break from my kids.   I am not going to lie when we leave them with family, I don't worry about them.  I occasionally think about them but I have to remind myself to check up on them at least once a day.   I am okay with leaving them because I know it gives me that break I need.  To recharge my mom batteries and come back refreshed, my patience is renewed, and I am happy to have morning snuggles that mean my coffee is cold by the time I drink it.   I like getting time to miss them.  It makes me a better mom.  

I am so thankful that Jeremy and my in-laws made this weekend happen for me because it was an awesome weekend.  

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