Wednesday, April 24, 2013

28 weeks

Hello 3rd trimester....

I am exhausted tonight as I write this post.  I doubt I will be getting on the treadmill (instead I did yoga) which is a bummer because we had salmon for dinner which is always good running fuel.   We had a doctor’s appointment tonight which I originally thought was yesterday. Whoops.   And the doctor was running way behind today so we ended up being there forever.  Everything is looking good; I am back to measuring right on schedule.   I will have an ultrasound at my next appointment to check size.  Although with my past experience-- you know them telling me Eldon was going to be 9+ pounds and he was born 3 days later at 7lbs 9oz. I think I will just kind of ignore the estimate since my kids tend to have big heads and throw the measurements off.   I had mentioned last week that I thought I would start going every 2 weeks at this point but I still have a month before that starts which is fine with me because I am really not ready to admit how close to the finish line we are getting. I do in fact have to schedule my glucose test at some point in the next week.   I am so not looking forward to that gross drink.   I think I will get it out of the way next Wednesday or Thursday since Jeremy will be off work helping me take care of the kids after their surgery on Tuesday.

Not much to report.  I haven't gained any weight this week.  In fact according to the scale I have lost 5 pounds.  Not a real shocker as I finally am getting my sweets habit under control.   And I am getting to the point where I can't eat a whole lot in one sitting.   If I do eat too much, I am in pain for the time it takes me to digest the food.

Braxton hicks.  Well I think I mentioned around the 20 week mark that I wasn't having them and I was really surprised--yeah, not sure why I had to open my mouth and say that.  I have them all the time now especially when I am cleaning.  I would love to use them as an excuse to not clean but well, I can't stand the mess like seriously it makes me crazy.  I cannot relax in a dirty house.  I have problems.

this was my favorite shirt when I was pregnant with Bristol because it is so comfy.  
No kiddos in the picture this week they were much to busy pulling the dog around in the wagon.

I only have 2 pictures left to compare as I didn't take weekly pictures with Bristol.

I got dressed a lot this week.  Probably because we were on the go quite a bit.   Right now I am experimenting with my hair style.  I am really trying to stay away from the blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron for a while.  I started using this spray and I really love.  My only problem now is that I have so much hair that it gets rather full as it dries.  I also totally pulled out the tripod for my pictures because my mirror wasn't cutting it any longer.
Cardigan and shirt--Target/Pants--Old Navy Maternity/Shoes--Toms/Belt--not a clue

My one and only find ever at Goodwill.
Blazer--Goodwill/Shirt--Target Maternity/Pants--Old Navy Maternity/Shoes--Toms

Cardiagain and Top--Target/Skirt--Me/Sandals--random mall store
I am really bummed about my maxi skits.  When I washed them the fabric lost a lot of its stretch so they are not working out so well now.  I am debating on buying more fabric because they are so comfy but at the same time I don't want to have this problem again.

Top--Forever 21/Shirt--Old Navy/Skirt--me/Shoes--Toms
My attempt at being a model.  

Jeremy hates the belt.  I am not sure about it.  I think it makes me look smaller (if that is even possible) but at the same time I am not really a fashionista so what do I know.

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