Wednesday, April 10, 2013

26 weeks

I have no motivation to do anything lately.  I am hoping for a nesting phase to kick in soon.  I want to go through all of our storage bins and get rid of everything we never use.  Honestly I would ideally like to only have toys, clothes, and Christmas stuff in storage.  I really don't see the point of keeping anything else.    And I need to finish the kids nightlights.   Seriously, they are like 90% done but I just cannot make myself finish them.  Maybe this weekend it will happen since we will be home for the first time in like 3 weeks.

Weight gain.   I am struggling.  I know I am growing a baby but I am not going to lie, its hard seeing the number on the scale go up daily.

Overall feeling.  GREAT!  This is the best I have felt in one of my pregnancies so far.  I swear regular exercise is to blame.   I did start getting braxton hicks this week but they are not quiet as uncomfortable as they were with Eldon.  More like I have the strong need to pee after they stop and I am sure it is a funny sight watching me waddle to the bathroom before the pee starts coming out.

Running.  Has been lazy style the last 2 weeks.  Normally I run Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  But the last 2 Sundays have just not worked out for a run.  This past one I was still recovering from walking around Vegas all day Saturday.   But last night after putting it off for 2 nights, I finally got on the treadmill.  I seriously didn't think I was going to make it that far last night because I had 2 french dip sandwiches for dinner and was feeling both of those sandwiches but I made 3.5 miles.  I was super happy with that.  I can see how people get hurt from going to far to soon because I am seriously just waiting for my body to say okay enough for tonight and it isn't happening, what does happen is that the show I am watching ends so I get off the treadmill.

Food.  I WANT MEAT!   Like seriously, I am craving meat all the time.  I could really go for a juicy steak but there is no where around here to get one of those so I have been settling on things like burgers, Cafe Rio steak nachos, and the french dip we had last night.  I may or may not have beef stroganoff going into the crock pot this morning.   I told Jeremy last night at dinner that I am going to to be shocked if this baby is a boy because because with Bristol all I could eat was meat.  We seriously lived on burgers, steak, and tacos for the majority of that pregnancy and with Eldon all I wanted was salads and healthy non meat things.  In fact, I had a very hard time eating meat with him.  I feel bad for Jeremy because he has a really hard time digesting meat and that is all I want and have a desire to cook.  I am also eating a lot of fruit.  It is so good and I love it when it is super cold right after it comes out of the fridge.  In fact I think I need a bowl of strawberries now so I will leave you with belly pictures.

Bristol insisted on being in the picture and I am totally cool with that.  She is looking so grown up.  How is it that she is closer to 4 than 3?

Hi feet!

I was in California for my baby shower and sister's high school graduation when the picture was taken of my belly with Bristol.  Jeremy was in Texas for drill and wanted to see how much I had grown in the 5 days we had been apart.   With Eldon I carried so much more in the front so I think I look bigger with him at this point, I am carrying all over with this baby just like I did with Fuss.  I can't believe how much better the quality of my pictures are with my DSLR vs point and shoot.

And for what I have managed to wear this week

I was channeling my inner Easter egg here with my color scheme but I was super comfy.

I was trying to spruce up my black tank top with a leopard print scarf and my red polka dot Toms.

Okay, now I must really go get that bowl of strawberries.  Happy Wednesday everyone.

And I am linking up for my first time with The Pleated Poppy.  Not because I am a fashionista but because she encourages you to get dressed every day, even though my yoga pants have been calling my name.  
pleated poppy


  1. Love the Easter egg channeling, I might just steal this outfit idea!


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