Wednesday, April 3, 2013

25 Weeks

Another week down!  I have been thinking this week about all we need to do/buy before baby #3 makes an appearance.

First up is a bed for Bristol, since we are using her crib for the new baby.
Twin Farmhouse Bed
This is the bed we plan to make.  

I still need to find bedding for her.  I am quite picky when it comes to this decision.

We are also planning on buying a new mattress for the crib.

Order a car seat

I love this car seat

I am still trying to decided if I want to get a carrier again this time.  I gave both of mine away.  I used them for the first couple months with both kids when ever we were out and about so I could still have my hands free to get stuff done.
Product Photo
My top choice

I would like to start some of the decorating for Eldon and the new baby's room.  We aren't doing the bedding until after the baby is born because I want to add purple if it is a girl but I do have some ideas for wall decorations that I would love to see come to life.

We also have a few little things to get

  • car seat adapter and glider board for the stroller
  • Aden and Anais swaddle blankets.  I didn't have these with the last 2 but I loved the ones my sister had for my niece so I am determined to get my hands on a set.
  • Bottles
  • A bath sling.   

I am sitting at around 15-18 pounds gained this pregnancy and it is making me nervous.  But then I realized last night this is the longest I have exercised in pregnancy so the reason I may be gaining weight quicker this time is because of the exercising.  At least I hope so and I hope it has nothing to do with my delicious post run ice cream habit.

I have no appetite   I eat.  I get hungry but nothing sounds good.  Well that is a lie anything with massive amounts of sugar sounds good.  I am leaning more towards very bland foods this pregnancy.

Overall I am still feeling pretty good.  Sleeping well.  Exercising.   HUGE!  You know the normal.
The sun was in my eyes big time.   I can't help squinting.

Lets just pretend I am one of those girls who can pull off a pony tail without looking like a mom who doesn't care about her hair!

My only outfit picture for the week besides my maxi skirt for Easter.
Maybe one of these days I will dress in something other than my green pants.  And maybe I will get a remote for my camera so I don't have to take mirror shots in my tiny mirror.  

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