Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scenes from today

Today, I think I experienced a little bit of everything.  Joy, stress, happiness, pride, frustrations, fear, but most of all I wished I could have traded places with the kids. 

They did awesome.  The surgery center staff just gushed over them.  Dr V said Eldon was the perfect pre-op patient  He let the nurse put in the IV with no problems and then as they wheeled him back he watched Veggie Tales on mommy's phone until he fell asleep.  When he woke up he was quite grumpy but a popsicle and Veggie Tales helped him perk right up.  About 10 popsicles later he was ready to go.   Since we have been home he has been running around like nothing happened.    The cutest thing of all was that he didn't want mommy or daddy with him in the pre-op room, he wanted his big sissy.  And the amazing staff let me and Bristol come back and keep them company.

Bristol, poor little girl, she has horrible veins.   She was totally cool with everything.  She watched Eldon get his IV and we asked her if they could put one in her.  She was okay with it but unfortunately they couldn't find a vein.  So they had to wait until she was asleep.   4 or 5 tries late Dr V finally got her IV started.  Because her IV took a little longer to start, surgery was delayed a little bit which actually worked out perfectly for us because by the time she was wheeled out, Eldon was at a point where he only needed one parent.    As soon as she woke up she insisted Mommy hold her and she promptly fell back asleep until the nurse took out her IV.  She was scaring us a little because she was refusing to eat or drink while we were driving.  But finally when we got home she was all about eating the popsicle and drinking juice.  

Both kids wanted pancakes as soon as we walked in the door.  4 pancakes, 2 eggs, a few handfuls of frozen blueberries, and 2 Popsicle later Bristol is finally full.   Eldon, well I don't think he is ever full.  He never got the memo that his appetite isn't supposed to be this big until he is a teenager. 

My biggest worry about this whole thing was how would Bristol's IV go, while it wasn't ideal she was asleep for the whole thing.    Even when they wheeled both kids back for the surgery I never once feared the actual surgery.  We had an amazing doctor and the staff at the surgery center was awesome that I never doubted their ability.  I am sure glad we choose to drive to the surgery center the Doctor preferred because it was totally worth it.  They were amazing with the kiddos.  If we lived closer I would probably make them a cake or something.  

I am hoping tonight goes as smoothly as today and the kiddos can get a good nights sleep.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Nesting, Books, and Surgery

I may or may not use Bristol and Eldon as my little errand doers. There have been a few times Bristol has rescued a toilet paperless mommy.  

Friday and Saturday I deep cleaned the coffee pot, dish washer, and washing machine.  They were all starting to smell funky.  Hopefully it takes care of the problem.  I feel like my nesting is finally kicking in.  Hopefully I will get the baby clothes sorted and washed sometime this week while I am in a nesting phase.

I started reading my book finally.  I bought it for our Colorado Trip but just cracked the cover.  It is so nice to read an actual book instead of read on the iPad or Nook. -- Well I already finished my book since I started this post on Friday.  It was a good book but not his best.  

The kiddos are having the surgery tomorrow.    I am still not really nervous about the surgery more about how the kiddos are going to do in the morning when they can't eat, how Bristol is going to do with getting an IV after her traumatic blood draw experience, and how they are going to react when they wake up.   

I wouldn't be surprised if Little Turkey tries to make an early exit because it is sick of being squished by Duder.    Anytime Eldon gets in my lap, the baby goes crazy probably from fear.  That being said, I am really hoping to stay pregnant till 39 weeks although I have a feeling it isn't likely.  

I went to pay the registration for the Toyota on Friday only to get a notice that I need a smog check.  Clearly all I looked at when we got the renewal notice was how much I owed not how many hoops I had to jump through to drive my vehicle.  Thankfully I could still pay so I don't have a late fee since my registration was due yesterday and I waited till the last minute to pay it.   The major bummer is now I have to go to DMV to complete registration.  And go to the smog check place.

Well I need to get the house cleaned and pack.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Instagram- Doctor's appointments and plants

What a week!   It feels like I was super busy but my phones says otherwise.

Bristol put on my sunglasses and then asked me to take her picture.  I was happy to do it. 

Saturday Jeremy took the kiddos to a car show.  Unfortunately for him there was a park right near the cars so he really didn't get to explore as much as he would have liked.   I stayed home with a book.  It was wonderful.  

The wind stopped again so we headed out in the back yard.  Ignore our grass that is seriously in need of a visit from the lawn mower.

I only ran once this week and it was horrible. I was hot and had no energy.  I ended up walking a good portion of my 3.60 miles.  At least I had a The Voice to keep me entertained.  I am hoping to get a run in tonight but my body is pretty worn out from yesterday.

Taco Soup w/gold fish

So this is the avocado plant.   The one I agreed to letting Jeremy grow because I seriously didn't think it would work.    Stupid me!   Never agree to something just because you don't think it will work, you will end up with a rapid growing plant.  

Bristol and I went all out with our nails this week.  She had to have 5 colors, while I only had 3.    I put my nail colors in this little container which made me realize I need a few more because there is still some space left.  Jeremy didn't agree.

First pair of prescription sun glasses.
I have worn glasses for the last 12 years- 2 years shy of half my life.  But this is the first time I have had a pair of sunglasses.   Normally I refuse to wear my glasses but lately my eyes have been so dry that my contacts are just not an option but I can't go outside without sunglasses.  I have very sensitive eyes.  So Jeremy pushed me to get sunglasses.  I actually really like them.  

Sibling love!  
Am I the only one who finds it harder to get the kids out of the new carts Costco has?  Maybe it is because I am pregnant but I swear there is less room for there little butts in there.

Yesterday we had our final pre-op appointments for the kiddos before surgery on Tuesday.  Rarely do I adventure out without the kiddos on my own.  I mean I will take them to the grocery store on my own but when we go to Lancaster (an almost 2 hour drive) Jeremy usually goes with me.   Several reasons but the main one is we usually have so much to do down there that it turns into an all day event.  But yesterday he just couldn't take the day off work so off I went.    I am really proud of myself-- I conquered Costco, Target, and the mall all on my own plus the doctors office.  I know there are moms out there who do this type of thing on there own all the time with more than 2 kids but I just don't.  The kids were so well behaved that we went out for ice cream last night when we got home.  I have been craving banana splits ever since Vegas.  

We don't really have anything exciting planned for this weekend.   I am still trying to decided if I should plan meals for the next 2 weeks or if we should just go day by day since Bristol will have a pretty sore throat for a while.   I do know I need to at least head to the store for jello, otter pops, and juice since these are things we never have on had but will be stuff she will want.

Well I should probably get up and clean and do the laundry that is waiting for me!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Popular Post Widget CSS for Blogger

So I spend way to much time messing around with the layout on my blog.  It is something I really enjoy doing and if I were to ever go back to school... web design would be my choice of study.

Anyways, am I the only one who can't stand how the popular post widget looks from Blogger?   I like the general idea of it but the fact that the title is partially on the thumbnail image makes it look super tacky.
While there are a whole lot of different options out there if you want to mess with the look completely I wanted to keep it the same just fix the horrible spacing problem.So after searching Google for hours and messing out the html in my blog I have a quick fix.
Apply the following code in the css box.  Template>customize>advance>add css

#PopularPosts1 {
.popular-posts .item-thumbnail img {
padding-top: 0px;
padding-bottom: 0px;
padding-right: 20px;
padding-left: 0px;

Obviously change out the color and font size for whatever you prefer for you blog.  But there you go.

I hope I saved you 2 hours!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

28 weeks

Hello 3rd trimester....

I am exhausted tonight as I write this post.  I doubt I will be getting on the treadmill (instead I did yoga) which is a bummer because we had salmon for dinner which is always good running fuel.   We had a doctor’s appointment tonight which I originally thought was yesterday. Whoops.   And the doctor was running way behind today so we ended up being there forever.  Everything is looking good; I am back to measuring right on schedule.   I will have an ultrasound at my next appointment to check size.  Although with my past experience-- you know them telling me Eldon was going to be 9+ pounds and he was born 3 days later at 7lbs 9oz. I think I will just kind of ignore the estimate since my kids tend to have big heads and throw the measurements off.   I had mentioned last week that I thought I would start going every 2 weeks at this point but I still have a month before that starts which is fine with me because I am really not ready to admit how close to the finish line we are getting. I do in fact have to schedule my glucose test at some point in the next week.   I am so not looking forward to that gross drink.   I think I will get it out of the way next Wednesday or Thursday since Jeremy will be off work helping me take care of the kids after their surgery on Tuesday.

Not much to report.  I haven't gained any weight this week.  In fact according to the scale I have lost 5 pounds.  Not a real shocker as I finally am getting my sweets habit under control.   And I am getting to the point where I can't eat a whole lot in one sitting.   If I do eat too much, I am in pain for the time it takes me to digest the food.

Braxton hicks.  Well I think I mentioned around the 20 week mark that I wasn't having them and I was really surprised--yeah, not sure why I had to open my mouth and say that.  I have them all the time now especially when I am cleaning.  I would love to use them as an excuse to not clean but well, I can't stand the mess like seriously it makes me crazy.  I cannot relax in a dirty house.  I have problems.

this was my favorite shirt when I was pregnant with Bristol because it is so comfy.  
No kiddos in the picture this week they were much to busy pulling the dog around in the wagon.

I only have 2 pictures left to compare as I didn't take weekly pictures with Bristol.

I got dressed a lot this week.  Probably because we were on the go quite a bit.   Right now I am experimenting with my hair style.  I am really trying to stay away from the blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron for a while.  I started using this spray and I really love.  My only problem now is that I have so much hair that it gets rather full as it dries.  I also totally pulled out the tripod for my pictures because my mirror wasn't cutting it any longer.
Cardigan and shirt--Target/Pants--Old Navy Maternity/Shoes--Toms/Belt--not a clue

My one and only find ever at Goodwill.
Blazer--Goodwill/Shirt--Target Maternity/Pants--Old Navy Maternity/Shoes--Toms

Cardiagain and Top--Target/Skirt--Me/Sandals--random mall store
I am really bummed about my maxi skits.  When I washed them the fabric lost a lot of its stretch so they are not working out so well now.  I am debating on buying more fabric because they are so comfy but at the same time I don't want to have this problem again.

Top--Forever 21/Shirt--Old Navy/Skirt--me/Shoes--Toms
My attempt at being a model.  

Jeremy hates the belt.  I am not sure about it.  I think it makes me look smaller (if that is even possible) but at the same time I am not really a fashionista so what do I know.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Brain dump: Getting out of my funk

I love when the kids just randomly tell me "love you mommy".  It makes my whole day.  And I thank God every time because it makes my heart so happy.  Some days are just hard but other days are awesome.

Is my son the only one who thinks his undies are a good place to keep his matchbox cars?  Oh good, we are the only one with a little boy like this.
My mom mentioned that I seem kind of down lately on the blog.  It's true, I have been in a horrible funk and so has Jeremy.  Normally we don't get in a rut together but I am thankful that we have God at the center of our marriage because he is what has been holding everything together these last few weeks while we have been looking everywhere but to Him.    The Boston Marathon bombings brought things into perspective for me.   I know we live in a bad world but to see something like that reminded me that it is true.   And if I believe the bible which I totally do, it is only going to get worse.  Because we are not meant to stay in this world. And because as long as free will exist so will evil.   So I asked myself, why am I living for this world?  Why am I stressing about temporary things when I have an amazing God in front of me?  Why do I turn away from God when I know I should be running to him?  Well that's because my heart has been very needy of the world lately and I know its not right.  So instead of talking to God about my heart and letting him change it, I have been trying to do it on my own. Boy! Does that not work at all.  All that was happening was me dwelling on everything, making it much worse than things truly are which was depressing me quiet a bit.  Since last Monday I have been talking to God every time my heart starts to run-a-muck.  I have been giving it all to him, I would like to pretend that I give it to him once and don't take it back but that is a big fat lie.  Sometimes I give him the same thing 5 times in an hour or once a day.  And you know what, nothing has changed for our circumstances but I have my contentment back, I have peace, and my funk is gone.  Because I finally started focusing back on God.  When my funk started coming back Saturday, I got of the couch, stopped dwelling on the problems and gave them to God then I went and cleaned out our storage boxes.   Moral of the story.... Savanna has a hard time giving her problems over to God even though time and time again things are always better once I do. Sometimes the problems are solved other times it just learning to be content in this season of life.

In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal gory by means of Christ Jesus.  
So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, 
and strengthen you, 
and he will place you on a firm foundation.
1 Peter 5:10

We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.
Proverbs 16:9

I feel like this post needs a picture so lets go with a few throwbacks!
Eldon, January 2012
Bristol, June 2010

I can't wait to have a squishy little baby again!  I wonder if this one will have all those little rolls.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Canvas Night Light

Instead of my usual Monday brain dump post, I finally am posting about the canvas night light.  

This project has been a long time coming.  When I first joined Pinterest, one of the first things I pinned was this picture.

I loved the idea.  Mostly because it is a cool, stylish way to have night lights in the kiddos rooms along with them being a decoration at the same time.   

My star-burst pattern isn't quite as cool!

For Fuss' room I went with a deep purple. And then I used a leather punch to punch out the holes for the lights.

For Eldon's room I wanted the lights to be a little darker.  He likes the room pretty dark when he is falling asleep.  So I painted the cavas and then stuck the lights behind the canvas without any of them poking through.   

I love how his turned out.  It is my favorite.  

The unlit version of Bristol's.

My how too:

White canvas.  Pick your size.  I used 24x36

I used a toliet paper roll to make the circles on Eldon's.  I love how they didn't turn out perfectly.  If you want perfect circles I would suggest using something like a cookie cutter.

For Bristol's I used a sharpie to mark where I wanted the holes and then I used a leather punch to make them. If I was going to make another I would do the holes first and then paint the canvas that way the holes were the same color.  

To keep the lights in place I used a hot glue gun and glued the lights to the back of the canvas.  On certain parts I glued the cord and then other parts I glued the lights.

Here is the back view of Eldon's

With Bristol's I stuck the lights threw the hole and then put a tiny bit of glue between the canvas and light.

For the supplies I used:
2. Spray paint, white craft paint, and a toilet paper roll
3.Bridal lights--Since I did the project after Christmas I used bridal light which can be found in the wedding section at any craft store.  They are also called floral lights
4.  A glue gun
 Overall it was really fun project.  It took me a while to finish it because I ran into pregnancy laziness. I am really happy with how they turned out.

Now I just need to get on top of all the other projects we need to get done before this baby makes an appearance in 12 weeks.  

What do you think?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Instagram: Salmon, Kiddos, and More Food Pictures

Another week has passed.   I don't even really want to acknowledge how fast the weeks are going because July is going to be here before I know it and with that comes Little Turkey.    

Today we are going in for the kids pre-op blood work and I have to say this is the part that makes me the most nervous about the whole surgery thing.  The actually surgeries really don't scare me, maybe because I had it done myself but them having to get their blood taken... that worries me.   I am hoping since they have gone with me to get my blood work done a few times that it wont be a big deal to them.  Wish us luck!   

Now onto life according to my phone...
I love Jeremy's salmon.  Maybe one day he will share his recipe on the blog.  We have this for dinner almost every Sunday and I start looking forward to it on Monday.  Its a long week, dreaming about fish.
My beast was broken for almost 2 weeks.   I missed it.  I was happy to be reunited.  Mostly I missed having a 4 door vehicle.  I was driving Jeremy's 2 door Yukon in the mean time and my pregnant belly didn't agree with trying to the kids in and out of the backseat.
I may try and get dressed every day but some days I just need to wear yoga pants.  This was one of those days.   After being on my feet all day Thursday, I was so worn out and all I wanted to do was stay in comfy clothes.
I bought new $6 sunglasses so I had to make a new case.  Look at all that serging.  Me and the serger are finally geting along.  It only took 2 years.  I am really bad about just throwing my glasses in my purse which is why I don't spend a whole lot of money on them.  The bad thing is I do it with my prescription glasses as well.  
Fuss got a whole bunch of splinters in her little finger.  So we tried out a Pinterest pin.  Once we opened the skin back up it worked like a charm.  
My roses are blooming like crazy.  So the kids and I picked a few for the house.  Bristol asked for cup for her room as well.  I probably have at least 60 flowers out on my bushes again. Craziness.
This was her first attempt at writing her name on her own.
"I snuggle the baby mommy"--one of my absolute favorite pictures to date.  She loves to love on the belly, lets hope she feels the same amount of love once the baby is actually here.
Banana bread. so good.  all gone.  MUST MAKE MORE
The one and only day that the wind wasn't going crazy this week.  We took full advantage of it.
A weeks worth of waffles.  Okay I should probably be honest.  They are only going to end up lasting like 3 days because I have been snacking on them like crazy.  They are the only thing that fills me up without give my pains.  I also love the fact that my kids are perfectly cool with eating "dry" waffles because they have blueberries in them.  

Looking at my post... I take way to many Instagram pictures but I can't help it... its an addiction.   You can follow me @crazyrandombennetts

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