Thursday, March 14, 2013

What happens when I cannot sleep..

Last night I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to blog from my phone.  

Things I am loving right now...

Little big towns new album Tornado. All but the song Pontoon   Jeremy mentioned Red had a new album out the other day so while I was buying it I ordered everything else on our wishlist. I was worried I wouldn't like the new LBT album but it is AMAZING.

My Brooks Pureflow 2's.  I went with a pure running shoe in hopes that it would help me correct my bad running habits and it has. And these shoes weigh at least 2 pounds less than my old ones so my chicken ankles can pick them up easier.  Surprisingly I even like the hot pinkness of them. I am normally a white shoe girl.

I would say my stroller but I am sure people are sick of hearing about it.  But since it is my blog, I am so in love with it. Can't wait for the Little Turkey to join us to try it out.

The iPad. Well I kind of have a love hate relationship with this. Its amazing what a little iPad time before bed motivates Bristol to clean. I haven't had to ask her to pick up toys in a week. She just ask me "if I put toys away can I have the iPad?". Of course because I hate picking up toys.  I am happy to report though that I still love my Android based phone.  I will not be moving to an iPhone when I upgrade.   I was slightly worried that I would join the Apple cult by buying one of their products but it is safe to say that I am happy with the iPad but it isn't as amazing as everyone swears it is.   We went with an iPad instead of an Android tablet because of the apps.  The kids have apps they love to play on Maga's iPad so we just decided it would be easier to get the same thing.

The new box of play food.  This box has provided hours of entertainment for Bristol.  Why hadn't I bought a set before?

Chocolate mug cake.  But only when Jeremy makes it. When I make it, it doesn't taste the same.

Peanut butter cookies.  I really want to make another batch. But since I ate 6 in one day last time, I am trying to hold off.

Real moms, Real Jesus.  It is helping me a lot.

The weather.  High of 91 today.

My clothes line.  I love that it is saving us on the energy bill. I just started using it again yesterday and I forgot how weird I am and like to hang my clothes.  Socks and kids clothes... not so much.

My bible. Well I should be loving on it a little more because my heart has been in a not so good place this week. And I am working on it.  Praying about it.  Doing a lot of hard soul searching and not liking the things I am finding.

Things I am not loving at all?

Eldon's allergies.  The poor kid is sick again.  I have no clue how to help him.  I am giving him his medicine and we will start breathing treatments today because he started coughing last night but it is not enough.  I feel like he is always sick because as soon as the weather changes he is miserable.   I wish I could make it all better.

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