Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday randomness

Bristol has become dead set on this baby being a girl.  Conversations go like this in our house brought on by me hanging up our ultrasound pictures:

Bristol: "We are having girl baby"
Jeremy: "Maybe, do you know what the babies name will be if its a girl?"
Bristol: "Rose Bennett!"
Jeremy: "No, it will be (the name which we are not sharing yet)"
Bristol: "Oh"  She is slightly sad that it wont be a Rose Bennett like her and mommy.
Jeremy: "Do you know what the babies name will be if its a boy?"
Bristol: "Girl baby"

Bristol: : "It's a girl baby" (pointing to the pictures)
Me:  "Maybe but God gets to decided if it is a girl baby or a boy baby.   Have you prayed and asked God for a girl baby"
Bristol:  "No not yet"
Me:  "Well you should pray about it and ask God for a girl baby but remember that God gets to decide if it is a girl baby.  If he gives us a boy baby that is okay because boys are just as special as girls."
Bristol:" Girl baby"

She thinks just by saying it is a girl baby over an over that it is going to happen.  Eldon announced yesterday that he thought it was a boy and daddy decided to join the boy camp with him.    It is so much fun not knowing.  I am glad we found out the first 2 times but I am really enjoying the surprise this time around.  I think its also making the kids feel a little more involved in this pregnancy.

We decided if it is a boy, I will be making Bristol a tutu bed skirt for her bed to get my fix.

I am really enjoying the time change.  Bristol slept until 7:45 and Eldon slept till 8:30.   I stayed in bed until 7:15 before I finally convinced myself to get in the shower.  We are going to try and hit up the park after dinner tonight but we will have to see if the wind picks up.

The temperatures are supposed to be in the high 70's to mid 80's this week and I am so happy.  I love the warm weather.  Although I did enjoy our day of rain on Friday.  A lot.  I really do miss the rain but living in the desert you never see any kind of precipitation and if the forecast calls for rain it usually means excessively high winds.

Yesterday after I finished working on my craft projects for the day I stayed out front with Jeremy and soaked up the sun.  He worked on his craft projects (truck builds) and I played on the iPad and listened to music.  It was so nice.   I love when it is warm outside, wait did I already mention that?
A preview 

Well I don't have much for my random thoughts today other than I am thinking about giving this blog a name and I have no clue what to go with.   Oh well, it will come to me if its meant to be.

Have a happy Monday!

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