Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday randomness: Changes, running, skin care, and c rolls.

Things have recently changed a little on the blog...

First off I have a new name.  I officially made the switch to Crazy Random Bennett's and with that came a new header.

I think it describes the blog perfectly.

I also have a new address

What do you think?

We pretty much have cinnamon rolls every Sunday but we have been lazy and have been using canned. Saturday night Jeremy and the kids started working on a recipe we found. Eldon was so heart broken that he had to wait until Sunday to eat them. But boy oh boy was that kid excited about cinnamon rolls Sunday morning. He was running around yelling "c rolls" the whole time they were cooking. So cute.

Another thing Eldon is obsessed with is bulldozers. It is really quite cute. He loves to see them when we are out and about. I think it comes from Maters Tall Tales when he is a bull fighter and takes on the bulldozers.

Bristol has a new friend. Her shadow. It's adorable. She was a little scared of it at first but now they play together. They ran around the back yard for quite a while Saturday.

One thing I love about having a smart phone is that I have no excuse not to read my bible. Last night I was struggling so I stopped playing spider solitaire on the iPad and started reading 1 Peter. I woke up in a way better mood, nothing that had me down has changed but my outlook has. Why don't I just go straight to the bible right away? Why must I let myself get caught up in our circumstances and so down and out before I seek out God's word outside my morning quiet time?

I am becoming an nut about my skin. 5 years ago I would only wear sun screen when I was outside for a long time but I am getting to the point wear I put it on every day and stay covered up when I am in the sun.

Yesterday I decided to take an internet break. I read my email first thing in the morning but other than that I tried to stay off. I turned off all my notifications so I wouldn't be tempted. I did still instagram but that is because I am addicted. It was nice. I got on Facebook a few times but didn't check up regularly. I got a top made with all my spare time. Granted it didn't fit Bristol the way I planned for it too but it is still darn cute.

And the most important randomness of all.  I hit my 40 mile goal for this pregnancy.   I am so excited.  I am trying to decide if I want to shoot for 100 or 120 miles overall now.  I celebrated with peanut butter cookies.

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