Friday, March 8, 2013

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I am in love with my new stroller. It was a huge decision for us to buy it but its going to be perfect for our soon to be family of 5.  The kids love it too.  Normally when we go to Home Depot they have to ride in the car carts but on this particular day they asked to ride in the "stroller ride".

Either I carry way too much stuff in my purse or I just need a bigger one.   
Well actually the decision was taken out of my hands, I got something on my purse and it wont come off so I had to order a new one.  Can't wait for it to get here.  

 I didn't even let them pick up that much candy from the pinata! 
Working on my growth chart

The Kids slept for 3 1/2 hours after my nephews birthday party.

Funny story.  This week I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal for the soul purpose of getting up and reading my bible before the kids are awake.  Normally I do it as soon as I finish eating breakfast but often times it gets interrupted with request for more pancakes and milk.   But instead of reading my bible I have been getting in the shower earlier and using the extra time to do my hair and makeup.  Then one afternoon I look over at the table and see this.   This is one habit that I love that my kids are picking up.  I think I will keep reading after breakfast every morning, although it may not be quite the one on one time I long for I think its important to model quiet time for the kiddos.  

I ran into Walgreen's to buy more jelly beans for a school project since we ate the original bag and I just had to have these Easter eggs.  I like the special addition Reese's cups because the chocolate doesn't taste as old as the regular ones.  

Bristol loves to take her picture on my phone.  I had to jump in.

Then Eldon asked to jump in.  My arms are not quite long enough to fit us all in the picture.  

Bristol had to find her hammer as soon as Daddy pulled his out.

I am trying to make more of Bristol's clothes again.  So yesterday I cut out 4 tops.  One of my least favorite things to do, cut patterns. 1 sewn, 3 to go.

I think Croc's are the ugliest shoes in the world and I swore my kids would under no circumstances ever own them.   Unfortunately Eldon has very sensitive heels and they get huge blisters on them really easy so we had to make the switch to Croc's.   I still hate them but they do stay on really well without the back strap which is exactly what we were going for.  

We were having beautiful weather last week so I decided it was time for a fresh pedicure.  The last time I did my toes was in like September.   Jeremy put the dots on for me.   And from now on he is going to be doing the painting because I hurt my hip pretty bad trying to get the polish on them this time.    

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