Friday, March 15, 2013

Instagram: Rain, walks, and food

Another week according to my phone:

Anyone else have a counter that is always dirty no matter how many times you clean and organize it? Oh good, no one else does, well neither do I.

 1. My sewing machine was hard at work last weekend, not so much for this week.  
2.My nails chipped.  The day after I painted them.  
3. Chocolate mug cake-  Like I said yesterday, I am currently in love with this recipe.  
4 & 5.  It RAINED!!! I love the rain and we never get any as you can tell by the puddle on the side of our house.  
6.Something to Talk About---best movie EVER or at least on the top 10 list
7 & 8.  I am working on a new project but I keep running into problems.  Hopefully I will be able to share it by next week.
9.  Peanut butter cookies.  I want more.  

1.  Blondie caught a ride home in the stroller and since Bristol was on her bike she got to ride in a seat instead of the basket underneath where we usually stick her. At least she walked for most of the time.
2.  My cute sandals are not made for walks to the park at least not while I am pregnant.
3.  Bristol put necklaces on the big dogs and then said "These are my favorite dogs"
4.  I am still trying to figure out how she got old enough to ride her bike to the park.  

1 & 2.  Eldon just doodling on his tracer page and Bristol actually tracing her name.
3.  Daddy had a headache and the kids wanted him to play so he pulled out the iPad.  We will call this a win win.  
4.  "Take a picture of you and me"  Of course beautiful girl, I would love to take a picture of us.  

Just like daddy

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  1. counter? What's that? Oh you mean that thing under all my mail and clean dishes I never quite get put away!


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