Friday, March 29, 2013

Instagram: Dog doors, Gas, and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.

Last night was wonderful.  Instead of running we took the night off and went to bed at 8:00.   Well we didn't actually go to bed till 10:30 but we relaxed in bed watching Top Gear UK.  So much more comfortable than laying on the couch watching tv.  The only downside is we don't have a tv in our room so we have to use the computer to watch tv which means one of us has to give up our internet surfing for the night.  

We were supposed to go down to San Diego this weekend for the Wild Animal Park and then to my parents for Easter but the Beast aka the Toyota broke down this week throwing a major glitch into our plans.  Thankfully Jeremy can fix it, like he always does but it takes away our fun money.    I am very thankful we only have to pay for parts and not the ridiculousness of the dealership to fix it.  I can't even imagine how many hundreds of dollars they would want.  

This was kind of a light week for me on Instagram.  We were rather busy.  Monday we had to go down and go grocery shopping plus Eldon had a doctor appointment.   Where it was decided he needs to see an ENT about having his adenoids out and we are also taking Bristol in to see if its time to get her tonsils out.   I am pretty sure both kids will be having surgery in the near future.   Which really isn't that surprising because my tonsils and adenoids gave me a lot of trouble before finally having them out at 15.    Bristol also spent the night with Maga Cathy and we met half way Tuesday to pick her up before my doctors appointment.  Word of advice when meeting someone in a specific spot and you think they are 20 minutes late drive around the other side of the building, you will magically find them especially when the meeting place has no cell reception  My prego brain is in full force.

Jeremy and the kids installed the dog door on Sunday.  That way the dogs can escape the elements when we are gone all day.   Eldon had to test it out.

The candy I am seriously loving right now.  This picture reminds me I need to go buy another bag before they take away all the Easter candy.
So gas is .20 cents more expensive where we live.  I refuse to put gas in my tank up here unless I absolutely have too, normally I just fill up before coming back up but this week we did a lot more in town driving then normal   I pushed it a little too far this time.  We were still 4 miles from the gas station when it started reading 0.   I was a little nervous.  Jeremy was encouraging me the whole time to take a picture of it but I wouldn't until we made it safely to the gas pump.  
The top I made for Bristol that was unfortunately to small.   I really am not good at taking different pattern pieces and putting them together.  I do better making my own or using a completely pattern.   Now I am trying decide if I should let my niece have it or if I want to save it in case Little Turkey is a girl.  
Yep you already saw this picture earlier in the week but I am still happy that I reached my first distance goal for my pregnancy.  Next stop 120 miles.
Bristol decided to make her own coffee this morning because mean mommy wouldn't share hers.  With how addicted to coffee me and Jeremy are it will be a miracle if we can keep our kids off of it before the reach their teenage years.  
Eldon is becoming such a daddy's boy.  Jeremy came home for lunch on Wednesday and helped me out with getting the kids in their beds for nap time.  Well when Eldon woke up Jeremy wasn't back from work yet and this little boy let me know how unacceptable it was.   I am glad my little mommy's boy is finally starting to prefer daddy for somethings.  It makes me a little less worried about how he is going to handle Little Turkey in July.
My sewing area.  It is all clean now but it got even worse after this picture.   
So Jeremy decided he wanted to try and grow and avocado tree.   I agreed only because I didn't think it would work.  What are we going to do with an avocado plant?  We rent for crying out loud.
Eldon and his c rolls(cinnamon rolls).  This picture still makes me smile.   I am sure he will be just as happy about them again on Sunday   

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