Wednesday, March 27, 2013

24 Weeks

This week has seemed to go by way faster than normal.    I hope this doesn't keep happening because while I don't like the weeks dragging on, I don't want them speeding up either.   My sister commented to me today on how its going by fast and it really is.  Because I really only have 14-16 more weeks.  The 16 number doesn't send me into a panic but the 14 number definitely does.  Maybe we should start buying the baby stuff I got rid of because we were for sure done after Eldon.  Oh and you know make Bristol's big girl bed so Little Turkey will have a crib to sleep in.  That is probably important.  I think I need a to-do/check list.   Maybe I will work on that this week.

I am sleeping really well again.  I have a hard time getting to bed at night but once I am asleep I don't wake up again until Jeremy's alarm starts going off in the morning.

Weight gain.  We aren't even going to talk about weight gain right now.   I must stop eating sweets. It is getting out of control.

I decided to set my overall run goal for 120 miles.  I am at 49 miles right now and that was with taking almost 8 weeks off in my first trimester and a couple weeks here and there since because I have been exhausted or sick.   I didn't count on any runs for the month of July because honestly I don't know if I am going to feel up to running right before I am due.  I would love to but it will all depend on how I am doing.  With Bristol, I was miserable the last 3-4 weeks but since Eldon was early I feel like I really didn't get to the absolute miserable stage until my weekend of on/off contractions before he came on that Monday.

I got dressed all week but I only took 1 picture.  Mostly because I have like 4 maternity outfits and I figure you don't want to see the same exact ones every week.

I made a maxi skirt Monday night and I love it.  When people comment that they are like wearing yoga pants all day they are not kidding.   I have fabric to make one more.  And unless I get to the garment district that is all I will be making.  Joann's knit fabric is ridiculously expensive even with 50% off coupons.  I am hoping to get 2 dressing and 2 pairs of shorts out of the leftovers for Bristol.  I bought a pattern for mine because I wanted it to be looser fitting and I couldn't find any free tutorials with loose fitting type skirts.  Most of them were way to form fitting for my taste.  This is the pattern I used.  I had it pinned on Pinterest forever, back when it was still a free pattern but recently the shop owner made it one you have to pay for.  I wish I had used it back when it was free.

I had a check up today, everything is good.  Next month I get to do the GD testing.  Yay! Not.   My belly is measuring 27 weeks but hey it is my 3rd kid and like I said before, I am really enjoying the sweets.

Normally we take my pictures right by my sewing area but today that was impossible because you can definitely tell I have been sewing.  It is a disaster.  Does someone want to clean it for me?

And now lets see the belly....

Yes it did grow a lot this week.  :(

And my one outfit picture for this week:

Oh and I shared this on Facebook last week.  I finally found the few belly pictures I took when I was pregnant with Bristol.  I really wish I had thought of doing weekly pictures like I have done with Eldon and this baby.  

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