Wednesday, March 20, 2013

23 weeks

Just a heads up, I am going to talk about running again. My kids, running, and my husband these are what my life consist of. 

Can I just tell you that I didn't want to run last night.  We had walked to the park which is a mile round trip and I wore flip flops which is never smart.   I was looking for every excuse not to run.  I will admit I was a little scared to have a bad run, but I ran. Mostly because Jeremy was running too.  And boy am I happy! I was feeling so good that I didn't stop at my usual 30 minutes instead I kept going. I finally hit the 3 mile mark.  This makes me so happy.  And on a night I didn't have a desire to exercise.  So what do I think helped me?  Personally I think it was the 2 Reese's Easter eggs I ate before hand, Jeremy says it was the coconut water.   Oh and I started using a fan which helped a lot.  So I think I shall have to repeat this pre-run snack again to see if it works its magic.   Now I am toying with the idea of trying to get to 4 miles.   Maybe even 5.  I won't push my body of course but if it allows it I may have to do it.  Oh and I am 4 miles shy of 40 miles this pregnancy.  I would have reached it last week if I hadn't had to take 2 runs off because of my allergies.   I am leaning towards 100 miles all together. 

I went to sleep after the running talk so I am back to finish my post.

I woke up with horrific knee, leg, and hip pain last night.  I was crying in pain and scared the living daylights out of Jeremy.  When I was getting comfortable in bed last night I moved wrong and felt my hips go out of whack and my sacrum started throbbing.   So I am not really all that surprised I woke up a few hours later in extreme pain.  Jeremy thinks I pinched a nerve.  After finally getting comfortable by laying on my back with a pillow under my left hip (I know this is a no no in pregnancy but it was the only way to stop the pain) I fell asleep and woke up this morning pain free.  My muscles feel like I had a charlie horse but other than that I can walk again.   I did a round of yoga just to be on the safe side.  

Sleep... I know what it is, I get it every night but its never quite restful   I am still waking up every morning rather exhausted.  This morning was the first time I actually got out of bed before 6:50 in a couple days.  

I am still feeling great.  I have to be very careful about what shoes I wear because my sandals and flip flops both cause my feet to hurt.  The only comfortable shoes right now are Toms or no shoes at all.   

I feel like this 20 week zone is dragging on.  I knew it would.  We are at the end of our major birthday/holiday season and so I am not feeling rushed any longer.   I feel like I have been hanging out here for at least a month and I still have 7 weeks to go.    But before I know it I will be 40 weeks and eagerly anticipating the birth of Little Turkey.   

I have had severely dry eyes for the last couple days again so I have been forced to wear my glasses.  Which I hate.   Hopefully a few days out of contacts will help speed up the healing process.  

Okay well without further ado lets look at the belly.  

And the extremely cute kid who had to go get "her" scarf for the picture

Lets do an updated collage

I have still be trying to get dressed everyday because it greatly improves my mood and level of productivity but I do miss my yoga pants occasionally.
These are my most comfortable pants right now and they aren't maternity.

I was trying pattern mixing on this day.

I wore the same outfit twice this weeks, I just mixed up the hair a little.  

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