Wednesday, March 13, 2013

22 weeks

You can tell just how tired I am.  
Toms are the only comfortable shoes right now

(This post was written last night)
I am feeling every bit of pregnant tonight as I start this post.   Last night I ran 2.75 miles and then we walked a mile to the park today along with all of my usual daily chores and I have to say I think I finally figured out what wears me out.  I am hoping that after an hour of sitting with my feet up I can get in an arm workout but it is not looking good right at this moment.---I never did get off the couch and work out. 

Until tonight I was still feeling great.   I think exercising 5 days a week is really helping with my energy and comfort levels.

Sleep.  That is a different story.  I sleep about 5 solid hours a night and then I toss and turn for the last 2-3.   Unfortunately with daylight savings my schedule is still a little off so I am having a hard time convincing myself  to roll out bed early.  Honestly I really need at least 7 to feel good the next day.  The kids on the other hand are doing awesome with dls and have been sleeping 12-13 hours.

I am thinking Maxi skirts are going to be the way to go this summer.  I am really not a skirt person and I am definitely not a shorts person but I think my jeans are going to be to warm.  I mean this is the forecast for this week and we are not even to July-September.  Which means I need to go to the garment district soon- hint hint Jeremy and Cathy!  If I could find long enough shirts I would totally just wear leggings for the rest of this pregnancy.

I am doing really good at getting dressed every day still.  This morning I was feeling the yoga pants but by 9 I was in jeans.   Makeup, well that is hit or miss.  Hair is a must since it is short.   I also am not liking the color at all (I should just stick with my natural blonde) but my appointment isn't till next month so I have to live with it till then.  
I wish I could find a few really long maternity t-shirts to wear with my leggings because I feel like this outfit was kind of pushing it. Same with the official 22 week photo.

I am just an awkward model.

I couldn't figure out why I couldn't see with my contacts in on this particular morning, after inhaling my coffee I realized it was because they were in the wrong eyes.  My glasses took care of me in the mean time.  

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