Wednesday, March 6, 2013

21 weeks

I know y'all are dying to know how my run went this evening.  Or is that just the voices in my head that are curious.  Anyways it went AWESOME!   Best time and mileage this pregnancy so far.  Actually I just looked at my progress on runkeeper and its the best run I have had since I started running again in January 2012.   WOW!   Totally didn't mean to do it but I really didn't push my body harder than I should.   I would show you a picture of my treadmill but it died at the 2.48 mile marker and I had to reset the fuse.   MUST REPLACE THE FUSE.

I am still feeling really good this pregnancy.  I mean I get lots of heartburn because I have a candy obession and my hips hurt a lot but its not horrible.  I think the fact that I am still working out is a big part of this.  With both Eldon and Bristol I would get so dizzy that I really couldn't keep up my exercise but with this one I have been running since week 13 when both me and the doctor felt it was safe again.   In fact I am might go as far as saying I am actually enjoying this pregnancy.   Which for me is a miracle because I really do hate being pregnant.

I felt the baby kick for the first time today.  Well I have been feeling it move and kick on the inside for awhile now but today I had my hand on my tummy and I could feel those little kicks on the outside.  The little turkey is finally wanting to interact with its mommy.   Little turkey goes crazy after my runs.   Its quite an interesting feeling.

I have been working really hard to get dressed everyday.  So that you will believe me, I decided to take pictures of all of my outfits.  Mind you since I rarely leave the house, I never accessorize so they are kind of boring to look at.  Plus I only have like 2 maternity shirts and 4 maternity tank tops so it will get kind of repetitive if I keep this up.  It looks like I need to clean my mirror yet again!  I just did it last week.

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