Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 17

I am still feeling pretty good.  

I haven't had any braxton hicks yet, which kind of surprises me.  With Bristol I didn't have anything but with Eldon they started around 15/16 weeks so I thought for sure this being my 3rd pregnancy I should already be dealing with them.  I am thankful they haven't come though, maybe I wont have them at all this time. I do have to say the weirdest thing happened the other day, I had a horrible cold with full on body aches.  For the first time in my pregnant experience my belly had aches.  It was so uncomfortable, I couldn't sit up, I had to lay down.  Thankfully when they were at the worst Jeremy was home so I vegged on the couch while he took care of the kids.  

Total TMI but my boobs are killing me.  That is pretty much the most annoying thing about being pregnant at this moment, they are in constant pain.  So much for them feeling better at 13 weeks.

People are really starting to comment on the belly.  A usual conversation goes like this, "Yes I am pregnant, no we don't know what we are having and we are not finding out, yes I am nervous being that it is the 3rd kid, yes I know we are crazy and now we will have more kids than parents to handle them, no you may not even ask to touch me!"  Okay that last bit about touching me doesn't get said aloud but at that point I use my unfriendly face so they will get that I-want-to-touch-the-belly-look off their face.    

I did end up cutting my hair last night and changing the color slightly.  I am happy with it.  It is not as short as I normally get my hair when its in a bob but I like that it is a little on the longer side because I can still get it in a pony tail with a lot of help from bobby pins.  

Oh and the baby is the size of a  turnip.  Jeremy looked at me crazy when I said that should be the baby's nickname.   

And for the belly shots.  Yes the white shirt has returned.
I forgot to move the sweater out of the way and I am not putting my jeans back on today.

I can still see my feet, I promise my camera just cannot.

And for the progress... maybe next week I will compare all 3 pregnancies.  

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