Monday, February 11, 2013

Trips, stressing, and organizing

At Eldon's check up he was 29 pounds (50%), 36 inches (90%), and his big head was 20 inches (95%).

This coming up Thursday, Jeremy and I are headed back to Colorado Springs.  For 5 WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT CHILDREN!  Okay more like 4 because we will see them for a little bit on Thursday and then of course when we get home on Monday but I am still super excited.   At first Jeremy and his brother were going to make the trip back to pick up our trailer but now I am going because I am craving iTop It!  Haha, yes its true, I am going for frozen yogurt.   And alone time with my husband before baby#3 gets here.  Its been over a year since we have been kid free for more than a couple of hours.

I am super excited to be going back, I know crazy right?  Since I couldn't wait to get out of there.  Mostly I am just excited for the food, we are going to hit up Garbanzo Bean, iTop it, and Old Chicago.  We are also going to church while we are there.   Since we haven't been able to find a church home here we have been watching the live services online every Sunday but there is nothing quite like being there.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to church at first because I really miss it and I feel like its going to mess with the little peace I am holding onto about being in California right now but honestly I need it.  Jeremy needs it.  We need the nourishment that we have been missing.

I would love to do the Incline while back there but we have 2 problems.  I am 4 almost 5 months pregnant and we have limited time.  While I see nothing wrong with exercising while pregnant I am not sure it would be wise to do the Incline after not doing it for almost 2 years.  Also I am not sure if the altitude is going to effect me.  But I still plan to take my running shoes and maybe if the weathers nice and I get brave enough we will head to the top.

This morning I was totally stressing about how this trip was going to work out and I was praying really hard. Praying that I would just remember that God takes care of us and works out the details every time so I needed to stop stressing and believe in Him.  3 hours later everything came together.  It happens every time   Not always that quick but no the less EVERY TIME.

I totally got my sewing area cleaned up yesterday, I am so proud of myself.  I also organized all of our school supplies.   When we get back from Colorado my plan is to organize all of the baby clothes I have saved and purge junk that is in the garage.

Now I am off to make hotel reservations and lunch for the kiddos.

Have a happy Monday 

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