Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Positive thoughts

We went out to eat last night after my doctors appointment (I wanted Chinese again but settled for Mexican because the family said no Chinese)  and as we were walking out an older lady stopped me.  She told me my children were very well behaved.    I have to say I almost fell over because from my seat I was feeling anything but well behaved.  They were so excited they could see our car from the table the kept using their outside voices to let us know it was still there.  Eldon had to go play in the bathroom 20 times, Bristol ate chips and salsa for dinner, and at one point I told her if she didn't start sitting on her bottom and leaving the blinds alone she was going to owe me baby Daphne or blanket when we got home.

Its actually kind of interesting that some one pulled us aside to tell me the kids are well behaved because it kind of goes along with what I have been trying to work on lately.  I was with a group of women a few weeks ago and they started bashing their husbands which for me is a big turn off.   I never try to say anything bad about Jeremy and if I do have something to say I just talk to him about it.   We don't talk negative about each other to other people because it leaves an opening for bad things to come into our marriage.  And in all honesty I can rarely think of bad things to say about my husband, I choose to focus on the good because if I didn't I would make myself very unhappy.    Plus if I ever heard Jeremy talking about me the way those women were talking about their husbands I would be devastated.   And I would have a hard heart towards him.   I can see why the divorce rate is so high with they way I hear spouses talk about one anther.  It is something that really bothers me and causes me to retreat from the situation.   So this ties in because I may not have anything bad to say about Jeremy but I can always find something bad to say about the kids.   And that is not right at all.  That is just as bad as bashing my husband.  Because I am just as big apart of their lives as I am Jeremy's.  So I have been working really hard to just focus on the positive and it is really helping, I am still having my moments but I feel like I am starting to enjoy the kids more.   And then last night at dinner I was struggling.  We tend to eat out at the same time as the senior crowd so we are usually the only young family there and our kids tend to be louder than anyone else.   I wasn't thinking very happy thoughts.  And then the lady complimented the children and I realized that yes the kids were a little restless but at the same time they were awesome.  And I just need to focus on the awesome.  Plus there restlessness could be explained since we had been at the doctors office for over an hour.

This morning at breakfast Bristol had an interesting thought:
B-"Mommy we get new babies so we need to get new pacifier"
Me-"Um........... we don't give our babies pacifiers"
B-"Okay but baby Daphne has a pacifier"

She also asks if we are going to get the new babies every time we go to the doctor.  Not sure why she has decided its babies since there is clearly only one on the screen each time.

She is also convinced we are getting a girl babies.   I think I have to agree.  Lately I have been leaning more an more toward girl but I still think its going to be a huge surprise in 20 weeks even if I was right.

I ordered my stroller and I am still having a mini heart attack over just how much I spent but after lots of research and asking a fellow mom of 3, I feel really happy with my choice.   I will just have to find every excuse to use.    So now the only thing we absolutely have to buy before the baby gets here is the car seat.  Which we finally found one we both love that will work with the new stroller.   I would still like to get another infant carrier for just in case, the stroller board for Bristol to stand on the back of the stroller, and a few other little odds and ends that we no longer have like a bath tub.   But this time I think I am going to go with a sling because I hated cleaning the bath tub.

Well I should get off the computer and do school work with Bristol since I have taken over a week off because of our trip and then just feeling the need to be lazy.

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