Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our road trip!

I have so many mixed emotions about this trip.   It was wonderful, peaceful, emotional, slightly upsetting, frustrating  and just plain nice to enjoy my alone time with my husband.

Right before we moved back to California I was finally settling into Colorado.  I was finding contentment.   Something I strive for all the time.   I was part of a really awesome MOPs group, we had an amazing church, and we were going to move closer to the mine so Jeremy didn't have such a commute each day.  We even had an awesome house lined up.  Then we got the offer and prayed long and hard about it.  We sought prayer at church and both Jeremy and I felt that God wanted us back in California.  We felt he had a church where we were going to be able to serve regularly because Jeremy was finally going to have a normal schedule.  But here it is a year and a half later and we don't even have a church home here instead we watch Rocky Mountain Calvary services online on Sundays.

Because I am struggling with contentment here I didn't want to go back to Colorado Springs.   I really just didn't want to go back to church because I knew we would go to church while we were there.   Its one thing to attend online but its another to attend in person.  It makes our loss of a church home so much more real.   So I kept coming up with reasons why I couldn't go.  The main one was we were going to be gone for 5 days and I really didn't want to ask anyone to watch the kids for 5 days because they can be a lot of work.  But I was really starting to crave iTop It!  And I was really starting to get burned out with the kids.   I needed some time away so I could recharge my batteries and be a better mom.   So off we went.

We left at 1 pm on Thursday and drove straight through to the Springs.   We made a stop at Cafe Rio for dinner in St. George.   I have only been the Cafe Rio one time before but I really enjoyed it and figured that was a great place to stop for dinner.  But boy was it packed!  I was the one driving up until this point.   So afterwards I took the passenger seat.  I am a horrible passenger   I fell asleep pretty much right away.   We were making really good time until we hit Vail.  We had to drive right through a crazy snow storm.  It took us almost 3 hours to go 80 miles.   By the time we got out of the snow storm it was daylight again so me and Jeremy changed spots and I finished up the last 1 1/2 hours of the trip.
So pretty once the weather started to clear up and the sun came up.

I tried to get a picture of the craziness.

Friday we pretty much just ran a few errands while we waited for check in time at the hotel.  Then we went and conked out for 2 hours and showered.  It was so nice to take a nap and shower.  Did I mention I had a head cold for this whole trip?  My ears still have not popped.  

Old Chicago for a late lunch early dinner.  I should have taken a picture of the Italian nachos because that was the whole reason we went there.

iTop It for desert!   Oh man it was just as good as I remembered it.

I blocked out just how much damage there was to the trailer.  Glad I didn't have to see the suburban again.

Saturday when Jeremy was cleaning out the trailer he brought me the best present of all.  Bristol's bows. We thought they were gone.   I was really sad about the daddy's girl bow.  She wore it home from the hospital.  And if we have a girl this time around I wanted her to be able to wear it as well.  Now it is possible.  

 This was Jeremy's food craving for the whole trip.   I am sad we only had time to do it once though.

Desert once again.   I wish I would have gotten it a 3rd time.


It was hard.   I left questioning a lot.  Like why would God open so many doors and call us to back to California for us to still have no church home and feel so far away from him.  Why can't we find a church to nourish us and the kids?  Why can't we find a place that feels like home?  We prayed after church that God would just comfort us in this time because honestly I don't know what to pray right now but that doesn't stop me because I know one day I will look back and see His hand.  I can look around right now and see His hand.

After all the bad food I needed something healthy.

A beautiful sunset over Sante Fe.

This is how I felt semi human through the whole trip.

We were going to stop for the night in Flagstaff but because we got a late start Sunday morning and didn't get to flagstaff until 3am Jeremy decided he just wanted to drive straight through.  We stopped twice so he could take a little nap but other than that we made it home.... 24 hours later.  That is what happens when the truck you are driving doesn't want to go over 35 mph anytime there is a slight hill.  

It was a really good trip overall.  I read 9 books :)  Nice and relaxing with only a few minor set backs like the trailer pretty much needing to be rewired and blowing a tire somewhere between Albuquerque and Gallup.  

Do I think we are supposed to move back to Colorado Springs?  I have no clue.  I really don't feel like we are supposed to move anywhere right now.  Would I move back to Colorado if that is where God called us next?  Yes but probably not very willingly at first.  It was chilly the whole weekend and made me miss my 70 degree weather.  Plus I totally forgot how to dress for the warm weather.  Tom's during the winter time even on a chilly day do not work.  

I am really thankful that my parents were happy to come up and watch the kids for us and that my mother in law spent her extra day off yesterday watching the kids till we got home.   And then staying to entertain them till nap time so we could just unwind.   This is one of the main reasons I struggle with moving right now is because we finally have a support system with the kids.  When we need a break our parents are always there happy to step in.   They love doing things with our kids.  They regularly follow us on our adventures to places like the Zoo and Aquarium because they love to see the joy on their grandchildren faces.  Without my parents and my mother in law this trip wouldn't of happened the way it did.  

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