Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 20- Little Turkey

Bristol was scolding the dog "Paige Girl you don't know Eldon over or I take blanket away!".... can you guess what Bristol looses when she is in trouble?

This baby is very stubborn.  It has decided since we don't want to know what sex it is, it will not be sharing its face with us.  No amount of pushing on my belly with the ultrasound wand could make it move.  So therefor I think this babys name shall be Little Turkey from here on out.  I have finally found a nickname!

I finally got my green maternity skinnies!  I ordered them like a month ago but they had to be sent back twice  due to Old Navy shipping the wrong size the first time and then needing a bigger size.   I love them.  Not sure how to style them but I love them.  Note to anyone who buys Old Navy maternity jeans even if you try on a pair of skinnies in the store and the only difference between those and the pair you order online is the cut of the belly, they will fit different.  I went to the store and all they had was over the belly panel which I hate but I decided to try them on so I could order the correct size that didn't work for me I had to send them back and get the next size up.  It was rather annoying.

Would it be bad if I just went and bought every Target maternity shirt available in white?   I really like white shirts.  And I only have 2 that fit right now and its kind of making me sad.  I was going to get another one last weekend but Target was out of my size :(  

I think we are starting to get into spring here in the desert.  The forecast for the weekend says 77 degrees!  I will finally be WARM!  The warm weather is really making me want to take a trip to the Zoo or Safari park.

I have been dealing with a migraine all week which is just sucky.   I am supposed to be getting a prescription sometime this week for stronger medicine.    I normally am anti taking medicine while I am pregnant but I also loose my vision in both eyes when I get migraines.  Sometimes it is completely, like Sunday, and other times its just spotty but either way it is impossible to keep an eye on the kids when I can't see.   So the doctor agreed that it was time for something heavier than Tylenol so we are just trying to get my records to see what I took with Eldon.

I have gained 10 pounds.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  On one hand it really doesn't surprise me because I am addicted to all things chocolate but on the other hand I really only want to gain 25 lbs all together and I just reached the half way point.  That means I only have 15 lbs left to gain over the next 20 weeks.  MUST STOP EATING CHOCOLATE.

I haven't been running this week because of the migraine I mentioned above.  I miss it but it is impossible right now.

I feel like my thighs are growing as fast as my belly.   Probably because I have been eating a lot of chocolate and slacking on the Barre3.   MUST WORK OUT.

Other than migraines, a big belly, and growing thighs I am feeling great.  I kind of forget I am pregnant sometimes which is nice.  I am sure in a few weeks I will be reminded by aches and pains all the time.

I wrote most of this last night so this morning I am not feeling as bad about my thighs probably because I did Barre3.  And I only have a slight migraine today.  Yay!  Oh and I am trying to give up my dove chocolate addiction.  So far I haven't had any in 24 hours and I am really craving it right now but on the same hand it may be what is triggering my migraines so I need to leave it alone for a while.

And now the ever growing belly.....

Little Turkey on the left/ Eldon on the right

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Positive thoughts

We went out to eat last night after my doctors appointment (I wanted Chinese again but settled for Mexican because the family said no Chinese)  and as we were walking out an older lady stopped me.  She told me my children were very well behaved.    I have to say I almost fell over because from my seat I was feeling anything but well behaved.  They were so excited they could see our car from the table the kept using their outside voices to let us know it was still there.  Eldon had to go play in the bathroom 20 times, Bristol ate chips and salsa for dinner, and at one point I told her if she didn't start sitting on her bottom and leaving the blinds alone she was going to owe me baby Daphne or blanket when we got home.

Its actually kind of interesting that some one pulled us aside to tell me the kids are well behaved because it kind of goes along with what I have been trying to work on lately.  I was with a group of women a few weeks ago and they started bashing their husbands which for me is a big turn off.   I never try to say anything bad about Jeremy and if I do have something to say I just talk to him about it.   We don't talk negative about each other to other people because it leaves an opening for bad things to come into our marriage.  And in all honesty I can rarely think of bad things to say about my husband, I choose to focus on the good because if I didn't I would make myself very unhappy.    Plus if I ever heard Jeremy talking about me the way those women were talking about their husbands I would be devastated.   And I would have a hard heart towards him.   I can see why the divorce rate is so high with they way I hear spouses talk about one anther.  It is something that really bothers me and causes me to retreat from the situation.   So this ties in because I may not have anything bad to say about Jeremy but I can always find something bad to say about the kids.   And that is not right at all.  That is just as bad as bashing my husband.  Because I am just as big apart of their lives as I am Jeremy's.  So I have been working really hard to just focus on the positive and it is really helping, I am still having my moments but I feel like I am starting to enjoy the kids more.   And then last night at dinner I was struggling.  We tend to eat out at the same time as the senior crowd so we are usually the only young family there and our kids tend to be louder than anyone else.   I wasn't thinking very happy thoughts.  And then the lady complimented the children and I realized that yes the kids were a little restless but at the same time they were awesome.  And I just need to focus on the awesome.  Plus there restlessness could be explained since we had been at the doctors office for over an hour.

This morning at breakfast Bristol had an interesting thought:
B-"Mommy we get new babies so we need to get new pacifier"
Me-"Um........... we don't give our babies pacifiers"
B-"Okay but baby Daphne has a pacifier"

She also asks if we are going to get the new babies every time we go to the doctor.  Not sure why she has decided its babies since there is clearly only one on the screen each time.

She is also convinced we are getting a girl babies.   I think I have to agree.  Lately I have been leaning more an more toward girl but I still think its going to be a huge surprise in 20 weeks even if I was right.

I ordered my stroller and I am still having a mini heart attack over just how much I spent but after lots of research and asking a fellow mom of 3, I feel really happy with my choice.   I will just have to find every excuse to use.    So now the only thing we absolutely have to buy before the baby gets here is the car seat.  Which we finally found one we both love that will work with the new stroller.   I would still like to get another infant carrier for just in case, the stroller board for Bristol to stand on the back of the stroller, and a few other little odds and ends that we no longer have like a bath tub.   But this time I think I am going to go with a sling because I hated cleaning the bath tub.

Well I should get off the computer and do school work with Bristol since I have taken over a week off because of our trip and then just feeling the need to be lazy.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 19

I waited to post until after my ultrasound because I wanted to share pictures of the baby with you but the baby was just plain stubborn.   It was squished against the wall of my uterus the whole time so there were no good pictures of the baby.   The tech got all the measurements she needed but no profile picture.

I am feeling good this week.  I don't have much of an appetite and when I do eat all I want is chocolate and Chinese food.  I have been going to bed every night at like 8:30 but I think that is more my body still playing catch up from the trip this past weekend.  

And the belly pictures.   Yes my shirt kind of blends in to the wall.

See I told you, you can see my shoes still!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our road trip!

I have so many mixed emotions about this trip.   It was wonderful, peaceful, emotional, slightly upsetting, frustrating  and just plain nice to enjoy my alone time with my husband.

Right before we moved back to California I was finally settling into Colorado.  I was finding contentment.   Something I strive for all the time.   I was part of a really awesome MOPs group, we had an amazing church, and we were going to move closer to the mine so Jeremy didn't have such a commute each day.  We even had an awesome house lined up.  Then we got the offer and prayed long and hard about it.  We sought prayer at church and both Jeremy and I felt that God wanted us back in California.  We felt he had a church where we were going to be able to serve regularly because Jeremy was finally going to have a normal schedule.  But here it is a year and a half later and we don't even have a church home here instead we watch Rocky Mountain Calvary services online on Sundays.

Because I am struggling with contentment here I didn't want to go back to Colorado Springs.   I really just didn't want to go back to church because I knew we would go to church while we were there.   Its one thing to attend online but its another to attend in person.  It makes our loss of a church home so much more real.   So I kept coming up with reasons why I couldn't go.  The main one was we were going to be gone for 5 days and I really didn't want to ask anyone to watch the kids for 5 days because they can be a lot of work.  But I was really starting to crave iTop It!  And I was really starting to get burned out with the kids.   I needed some time away so I could recharge my batteries and be a better mom.   So off we went.

We left at 1 pm on Thursday and drove straight through to the Springs.   We made a stop at Cafe Rio for dinner in St. George.   I have only been the Cafe Rio one time before but I really enjoyed it and figured that was a great place to stop for dinner.  But boy was it packed!  I was the one driving up until this point.   So afterwards I took the passenger seat.  I am a horrible passenger   I fell asleep pretty much right away.   We were making really good time until we hit Vail.  We had to drive right through a crazy snow storm.  It took us almost 3 hours to go 80 miles.   By the time we got out of the snow storm it was daylight again so me and Jeremy changed spots and I finished up the last 1 1/2 hours of the trip.
So pretty once the weather started to clear up and the sun came up.

I tried to get a picture of the craziness.

Friday we pretty much just ran a few errands while we waited for check in time at the hotel.  Then we went and conked out for 2 hours and showered.  It was so nice to take a nap and shower.  Did I mention I had a head cold for this whole trip?  My ears still have not popped.  

Old Chicago for a late lunch early dinner.  I should have taken a picture of the Italian nachos because that was the whole reason we went there.

iTop It for desert!   Oh man it was just as good as I remembered it.

I blocked out just how much damage there was to the trailer.  Glad I didn't have to see the suburban again.

Saturday when Jeremy was cleaning out the trailer he brought me the best present of all.  Bristol's bows. We thought they were gone.   I was really sad about the daddy's girl bow.  She wore it home from the hospital.  And if we have a girl this time around I wanted her to be able to wear it as well.  Now it is possible.  

 This was Jeremy's food craving for the whole trip.   I am sad we only had time to do it once though.

Desert once again.   I wish I would have gotten it a 3rd time.


It was hard.   I left questioning a lot.  Like why would God open so many doors and call us to back to California for us to still have no church home and feel so far away from him.  Why can't we find a church to nourish us and the kids?  Why can't we find a place that feels like home?  We prayed after church that God would just comfort us in this time because honestly I don't know what to pray right now but that doesn't stop me because I know one day I will look back and see His hand.  I can look around right now and see His hand.

After all the bad food I needed something healthy.

A beautiful sunset over Sante Fe.

This is how I felt semi human through the whole trip.

We were going to stop for the night in Flagstaff but because we got a late start Sunday morning and didn't get to flagstaff until 3am Jeremy decided he just wanted to drive straight through.  We stopped twice so he could take a little nap but other than that we made it home.... 24 hours later.  That is what happens when the truck you are driving doesn't want to go over 35 mph anytime there is a slight hill.  

It was a really good trip overall.  I read 9 books :)  Nice and relaxing with only a few minor set backs like the trailer pretty much needing to be rewired and blowing a tire somewhere between Albuquerque and Gallup.  

Do I think we are supposed to move back to Colorado Springs?  I have no clue.  I really don't feel like we are supposed to move anywhere right now.  Would I move back to Colorado if that is where God called us next?  Yes but probably not very willingly at first.  It was chilly the whole weekend and made me miss my 70 degree weather.  Plus I totally forgot how to dress for the warm weather.  Tom's during the winter time even on a chilly day do not work.  

I am really thankful that my parents were happy to come up and watch the kids for us and that my mother in law spent her extra day off yesterday watching the kids till we got home.   And then staying to entertain them till nap time so we could just unwind.   This is one of the main reasons I struggle with moving right now is because we finally have a support system with the kids.  When we need a break our parents are always there happy to step in.   They love doing things with our kids.  They regularly follow us on our adventures to places like the Zoo and Aquarium because they love to see the joy on their grandchildren faces.  Without my parents and my mother in law this trip wouldn't of happened the way it did.  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 18

The belly is still growing...that is all that is new this week.  I have a nasty head cold again which really couldn't have come at a worse time. I really hope my ears don't die when we go over the passes on our way to Colorado today.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Trips, stressing, and organizing

At Eldon's check up he was 29 pounds (50%), 36 inches (90%), and his big head was 20 inches (95%).

This coming up Thursday, Jeremy and I are headed back to Colorado Springs.  For 5 WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT CHILDREN!  Okay more like 4 because we will see them for a little bit on Thursday and then of course when we get home on Monday but I am still super excited.   At first Jeremy and his brother were going to make the trip back to pick up our trailer but now I am going because I am craving iTop It!  Haha, yes its true, I am going for frozen yogurt.   And alone time with my husband before baby#3 gets here.  Its been over a year since we have been kid free for more than a couple of hours.

I am super excited to be going back, I know crazy right?  Since I couldn't wait to get out of there.  Mostly I am just excited for the food, we are going to hit up Garbanzo Bean, iTop it, and Old Chicago.  We are also going to church while we are there.   Since we haven't been able to find a church home here we have been watching the live services online every Sunday but there is nothing quite like being there.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to church at first because I really miss it and I feel like its going to mess with the little peace I am holding onto about being in California right now but honestly I need it.  Jeremy needs it.  We need the nourishment that we have been missing.

I would love to do the Incline while back there but we have 2 problems.  I am 4 almost 5 months pregnant and we have limited time.  While I see nothing wrong with exercising while pregnant I am not sure it would be wise to do the Incline after not doing it for almost 2 years.  Also I am not sure if the altitude is going to effect me.  But I still plan to take my running shoes and maybe if the weathers nice and I get brave enough we will head to the top.

This morning I was totally stressing about how this trip was going to work out and I was praying really hard. Praying that I would just remember that God takes care of us and works out the details every time so I needed to stop stressing and believe in Him.  3 hours later everything came together.  It happens every time   Not always that quick but no the less EVERY TIME.

I totally got my sewing area cleaned up yesterday, I am so proud of myself.  I also organized all of our school supplies.   When we get back from Colorado my plan is to organize all of the baby clothes I have saved and purge junk that is in the garage.

Now I am off to make hotel reservations and lunch for the kiddos.

Have a happy Monday 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 17

I am still feeling pretty good.  

I haven't had any braxton hicks yet, which kind of surprises me.  With Bristol I didn't have anything but with Eldon they started around 15/16 weeks so I thought for sure this being my 3rd pregnancy I should already be dealing with them.  I am thankful they haven't come though, maybe I wont have them at all this time. I do have to say the weirdest thing happened the other day, I had a horrible cold with full on body aches.  For the first time in my pregnant experience my belly had aches.  It was so uncomfortable, I couldn't sit up, I had to lay down.  Thankfully when they were at the worst Jeremy was home so I vegged on the couch while he took care of the kids.  

Total TMI but my boobs are killing me.  That is pretty much the most annoying thing about being pregnant at this moment, they are in constant pain.  So much for them feeling better at 13 weeks.

People are really starting to comment on the belly.  A usual conversation goes like this, "Yes I am pregnant, no we don't know what we are having and we are not finding out, yes I am nervous being that it is the 3rd kid, yes I know we are crazy and now we will have more kids than parents to handle them, no you may not even ask to touch me!"  Okay that last bit about touching me doesn't get said aloud but at that point I use my unfriendly face so they will get that I-want-to-touch-the-belly-look off their face.    

I did end up cutting my hair last night and changing the color slightly.  I am happy with it.  It is not as short as I normally get my hair when its in a bob but I like that it is a little on the longer side because I can still get it in a pony tail with a lot of help from bobby pins.  

Oh and the baby is the size of a  turnip.  Jeremy looked at me crazy when I said that should be the baby's nickname.   

And for the belly shots.  Yes the white shirt has returned.
I forgot to move the sweater out of the way and I am not putting my jeans back on today.

I can still see my feet, I promise my camera just cannot.

And for the progress... maybe next week I will compare all 3 pregnancies.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My grown up Fuss

Over the last couple of days Bristol has been more willing than ever to let me take her picture.  I am having a hard time with how grown up she is looking.

Friday, February 1, 2013

January 365

A new year of 365.  I was thinking about only doing a 52 project this year but with the new baby coming and everything I wanted to have the daily pictures or in some cases a couple pictures a week.  
Daddy bundled the kiddos up and took the outside to enjoy their new swingset

Aunt Hilary sent Eldon a Mater pillow pet for his birthday.  The kid is in love

Eldon really doesn't believe in looking at the camera that much anymore

making cookies with Daddy

Happy Birthday to my big 2 year old

the dogs can been incredibly well behaved with the kiddos

Child labor.  Bristol loves doing the dishes after dinner and she is getting really good, Eldon likes to play with the water.
We moved Eldon to a toddler bed and Bristol helped daddy fix it up

They love laying in our bed
Blondie is slowly accepting that she is Bristol's best friend.

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