Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 16...4 months!

Well the baby is the size of an avocado... my belly obviously didn't get the memo just like it missed the memo about the apple last week.  I guess this is what happens when you are having your 3rd baby.

Still no nickname for this baby.  And definitely no feelings one way or the other if its a boy or a girl.  Which makes me kind of happy and kind of bummed.  I thought for sure I would be able to tell since Eldon and Bristol were such different pregnancies but this time is a mixture of both.  It will make the delivery room announcement even more special.

I am feeling pretty good this week I still get tired easily but other than that I have been doing really well.  I have had to do yoga a couple times because my hips hurt really bad.   Can I just say pregnancy yoga videos are the worst?  Seriously!   I know I am pregnant I don't need to focus on that.  I don't need to imagine the baby growing and thriving inside me because all I have to do is look down.  I really have no desire to imagine have a peaceful delivery that is what the epidural is for!   I would just like to find a yoga video that has modified poses for pregnancy without all the get in touch with the baby stuff.

I am trying to decided if I want a stroller.   I wish when I was pregnant with Bristol someone would have told me to invest in a stroller that could expand for the next couple of kids.  Now that we are on #3 and are going to actually have use for a stroller all the time I am having a hard time deciding if I can bring myself to spend the money on a really good one.  I keep going back and forth.   So if any first time moms read my blog and you are trying to decide on a stroller don't go for the one that comes with your carseat pick one that can easily convert to a double stroller it may be more expensive in the short run but in the long run it will be the best thing you do.  And when you figure on having to buy the original travel system stroller and then a double stroller it would be the same price.  That is why I never got the travel system stroller in the first place because  I didn't see the point of spending the money on a stroller I wouldn't be able to use with the next kiddo.

Okay without further ado here is the the baby belly!

and did you notice I am not wearing a white shirt.

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