Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 15

Week 15?  That means there are only 25 more weeks.  Crazy!  This first 3 months has flown by but I kind of knew it would.  In our house things are always super crazy starting September 3 with my birthday and ending March 19th with Jeremy's birthday.  We celebrate all of our birthdays in that 6 month period of time plus 2 major holidays.  I am sure as soon as we get through March things will start to drag on.   

Lets see, I haven't gained any weight.  Well it actually depends on the day sometimes the scale likes to say I have gained 4lbs but most days it says I am where I started which is awesome.  I didn't lose as much weight in the beginning of this pregnancy as I normally do so I don't have that usual 7lb cushion.  I think its because I started this pregnancy 10lbs lighter than I was with the other 2.   

I have ran twice for a total of 4 miles.  Not much but I am back on the treadmill.  My goal for this week is 2 runs and then next week I would like to run my usual 3 times a week and start doing Barre3 videos again.  I need to get a new sports bra before long and I am looking at the belly support bands. 

No new symptoms.  Still struggling with heartburn since we are not eating very healthy and my tiredness sneaks up on me.  Like yesterday I was so tired all day long probably because of our long weekend.   

I had a checkup on Monday.  Baby's heartbeat was 160.   The doctor had me schedule my anatomy scan.  I can't believe the halfway point is getting so close.    We will not be finding out the gender at the scan.  We are waiting till the delivery room. 

Well I think that is it.   Enjoy the ever growing belly.

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  1. I think it's kind of unfair that you're pregnant and still look skinny :). Can't wait to meet the new little one!!!


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