Thursday, January 17, 2013

Week 14

It is starting to go by faster now that I am doing these updates!  

I am finally starting to drink coffee again, my energy is coming back slowly, oh and I have massive heartburn.  Like take the maximum dose of Tum's in a 2 hour period heartburn. I think its because we have ditched the clean eating the last 2 months mostly because at first I couldn't eat much and now it just because we haven't gotten back into it.  But we are going to fix that next time I go grocery shopping.  

I thought I felt the baby kick last night but I haven't felt it again so it was probably my imagination!  I do feel the baby move from side to side though when I am laying in bed and switching sides.  

We don't have a nickname for this kiddo yet, I keep referring to it as the baby.  At first, when we weren't telling anyone we jokingly called it the flu!  Because honestly that is how I found out, Jeremy and I had the flu.  He got better, I didn't so I took a test.   But I don't think its nice to keep referring to it at the flu.   

Well Bristol just brought me her baby to watch while she goes to work so I better get off the computer.

I got the shoes this time!

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