Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moving, beds, and projects

It is raining!   I would take a picture but I doubt the little bit of ran we are getting would show up.   I love the rain so much.  I do feel a little bad though because we told the kids they could play outside today because when the weather forecast says rain it usually means wind.

Jeremy and I are getting the moving bug.   It happens all the time.  Honestly if we had our way we would probably move every 2 years.   We like going new places.    The only problem is we are undecided where to go next.    I think if we stay in Southern California we are going to move the San Diego area.  But we both still have a desire to live in Washington or Oregon.  And then there is always our dream of moving overseas. We are nomads at heart.  We have never lived anywhere that we want to stay yet.  One day I hope we find a place to settle down but for now I enjoy the moving, well not the actually moving part.   I talk like this is going to happen soon but we will probably be here another 2 years.  

The kids helped us do dishes last night.  Bristol was insisting on sitting on my lap after dinner and when I told her I needed to get up to clean the kitchen she got all sad.  I asked if she wanted to help me wash the dishes and she was all for it.  I was amazed at how good of a job they did and I only ended up washing the pots.   Sometimes I underestimate my kiddos.   I think, Oh they wont be able to do that but then they surprise me and act like they have been doing it forever.  

We are converting Eldon to a toddler bed this weekend.   I am not sure how I feel about this.   We switched Bristol around 20 months but it was not my idea, it was all Jeremy.  Eldon has shown no desire to get out of his crib but he is day potty trained and we are working on nights so I want him to be able to get up and go pee if he needs too.   Like this morning, he peed his bed but that is because he likes to lay there for at least 30 minutes before he gets up (just like me).  So I think if he could get out of bed to go pee and then get right back in bed it wouldn't be a problem.  

Eldon is still fighting off his cold/allergies and Bristol has joined him.  There is a lot of snot going around here. The good news is we haven't had to do the nebulizer that much because Eldon really isn't coughing.

This weekend I want to try and take care of the rose bushes and make the kids night lights/canvas for their rooms.   I just need to get spray paint which I can do when we go to look at supplies for Bristol's bed.   Jeremy is going to start building it hopefully next month since we will need the crib for the new baby.   We decided to go with a twin bed.  I really liked the idea of a full or queen for her but her room doesn't have a lot of options of where to put the bed.  So this way she will still have room for her toys and then when shes older if she wants a bigger bed we will get one.

I think that is all the random thoughts I have in my brain today.

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