Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday randomness

Can you believe Eldon is going to be 2 in 10 days?  I can't!  These last 2 years have gone by so fast.   This year we decided not to do a party for him.  I feel a little guilty but I am ultimately okay with the decision.  We didn't do a 2nd birthday part for Bristol because we were right in the middle of moving.   So we will be using our San Diego Zoo passes (thank you Mom and Dad) for the first time this year to celebrate his birthday.   I think the kids will enjoy a day at the Zoo a little more than a party.  My main reason for not having a party is I just have no energy.  I am hoping it returns soon since I start my second trimester on Wednesday but who knows being that this is my 3rd child.  
Yep that is Eldon and his Maters.  He is obsessed.

We finally took down all of our Christmas stuff.  I have been trying to do it for the last week but like I already mention, I am exhausted.  Seriously getting dressed wears me out, so undecorating a house wasn't likely to happen.  But then the tree started to smell.  Our tree died like 5 days after we got it, yes we watered it.  So it had to go.  I couldn't take the smell anymore.  The funny thing is, it only took about 20 minutes to do everything.  The blessing in not being able to put a whole lot of ornaments on the tree is that you don't have to take a whole lot off.   I still need to reorganize the boxes of stuff but for now it is put away.

It has been so cold here.  Okay well cold for me.  Like highs of 40 degrees but the mornings have been all of 12 degrees.  I freeze easily.  Like when the temperature drops below 80, I am wearing a sweatshirt.  Who are we kidding I am usually wearing some type of sweater even when its 110 out.  I am weird like this.   But for today and the next 3 days it supposed to be in the mid 60's.   Maybe I will be warm enough to take the kids outside, so they don't have to wait for Jeremy to get home from work.  They do love to be outside.
she gets cold like her mommy!

I really need to do a full on grocery shopping trip but I have no desire to plan meals right now.   So we are still shopping every 2-3 days.   Which is not good for our budget.  I still haven't even decided on what we will be having for dinner.   Like I said, it is a problem.

Well I guess I need to get the kids dressed for the day and start on the laundry, the never ending laundry.   I will be back later this week with my first belly shot of this pregnancy and there is a BELLY!  A rather large belly but I guess that is what happens with the 3rd kiddo.

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