Monday, January 21, 2013

Eldon's birthday weekend

So I am anti toys for presents.  Well that is kind of a lie, I don't mind that the kids get toys and stuff for presents but I would prefer to do something fun for for their birthdays and holiday.  For Bristol's birthday we went to the Aquarium.   So when we got annual San Diego Zoo passes from my parents for Christmas we decided to use them for the first time for Eldon's birthday.  It was a blast.  

It has been ages since I went to the San Diego Zoo and honestly I didn't remember much about it. I have the worst memory in the world most days, like sometimes I have to ask Bristol if we have already did something.  

Saturday morning when the kids woke up at 4:30 and there was no getting them back to sleep I didn't have high hopes for a good day at the Zoo.  I was actually quite bummed.   The best we could hope for was a nap in the car on the way but since it was only a 1 1/2 hour drive there wasn't much hope for a recovery from the early wake up time.   Eldon slept a little, Bristol slept quite a bit.    Poor guy he was starting to get sick for the first time this winter.
Eldon enjoying his oreo cupcake. 

The cake my mom and dad got Eldon.
We thought it was so cute that she fell asleep holding baby Daphne.

The first thing we did when we got there was head to the reptile area to see the turtles.  Is anyone shocked?   I can't believe how many turtles there were.  Bristol asked if she could go see the "nakes" (snakes).   For anyone that doesn't know, I am terrified of snakes.  I really have been trying to work on my fear lately but I doubt I will ever willingly walk into the snake house.  But I do not want my kids to be as terrified as me so I am totally okay with them going to check them out as long as I don't have to go with them.  Thankfully Daddy, Maga Cathy, and Paga Bill were there to take her.  And Jeremy said she was fascinated by them but they talked about how they can be dangerous and if they ever see a snake when they are playing they need to tell mommy and daddy right away.   

We stopped for an icecream break and Bristol wanted to sit with the monkeys and eat hers.  This is as close as she would get.  

At this point Bristol was getting really tired.  So she decided to hang out in the stroller.

The birthday boy


On our way out Eldon fell asleep.  

It was a really fun day.  I don't think Eldon had as much fun as he normally would have because he wasn't feeling well but he did enjoy it quite a bit. I wasn't sure how I would do with walking around the Zoo all day since I am just now getting my energy back but it was pretty good my calf muscles are killing me though.  But other than that I can't wait to go back.  I really wish we lived closer so we could do it more often.  

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