Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eldon is 2!

 I knew it was coming, having even considered pretending that this day doesn't exist but it is official, Eldon is 2.   This little boy has been such a wonderful addition to the family.  When he first joined us he was our grumpy old man.  Then as he got a little older he was nothing but smiles.   Now he is a devious, happy, up-to-no-good, all boy, mama lover.   Well lately Mater is taking all his attention.   I love his big open mouth smile.   He wants to do everything big sissy does including using the potty.  The kid is completely day trained and almost night trained.  Without any real work on my part.   It was awesome!   He loves his baths, trucks and cars, Mater, and being outside.   He picks snuggling with Mommy over playing in the garage with daddy.  He loves to give you big hugs but boy oh boy does this kids have fit throwing down to a T.   I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Good thing I am already pregnant these newborn pictures are giving me baby fever.  

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