Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

The fact that I managed to only post 30 pictures is amazing!   I started with 200.   As I am looking at these pictures, I feel bad because I didn't take any pictures while my parents were here.   But I know my mom did.     I was still trying to recover from the day before.  

This year we worked really hard to teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas.  It was very important to both Jeremy and me.    And I feel like even thought they are a little to young to understand everything, that they did escaped the "I want" phase.   

Christmas Eve was a nice day.   We cleaned a bit that morning but it was because we were going out of town and as soon as we got back my parents would be here.  But that evening we had lasagna for dinner, finished up our last Jesse Tree, and the kids opened their Christmas Eve gift.  I wanted them to look cute for Christmas morning pictures, so they both got new pjs.  Nope they are not Christmas themed.  They are the kind they can wear all year long.  Well except Eldon.  I bought him a 2t on accident and the shirt is already starting to get too short. 
A couple days before Christmas but I absolutely love this picture.  

Bristol's face is just awesome through these pictures.  She was so happy with every gift especially her new pjs.   I loved seeing her excitement.

I wanted a cute picture of them in front of the Christmas tree, this is what I got.  Not to bad.  Didn't even see the ball till now.

We have kind of struggled with the whole Santa thing.  So we finally landed on what Santa brings.  He fills the stockings.   The kids love their new sippy cups, undies, cars, and tooth brushes.

Eldon's favorite toy of the morning. I don't even want to think about what the tooth brush has touched.

"Mom, is this how I am supposed to show you my new car?"

After a wonderful morning of eating cinnamon rolls, reading the Christmas story, and opening gifts we headed down to the in-laws house.   This is the last year we will be going anywhere on Christmas.  A lot of it has to do with the fact that as a kid we never went any where on the holiday which made for a lot less stress.  And I want my kids to have memories of spending the day at home as a family, playing with new toys or putting a puzzle together when we are older.  Plus is a couple years we are going to try and do some type of service project on Christmas morning.  

I wish I had a picture of when he first opened Mater.  This kid was in love.   He now sleeps with this Mater and the bigger one my sister got him for Christmas.   

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