Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Are you ready to hear about our Christmas?  I know, you just can't wait, right?  Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

We will call this the year of no pictures.   I don't know what has happened to me but lately, but I am just of my picture taking game.   The only thing I really took pictures of was the kiddos opening their presents.  I didn't take any of them with my parents.  I didn't take any when we were at the Winder family Christmas party.  And I took very few of them at the zoo.  Must be better.

I may have already blogged about this but I really don't remember it and I don't feel like making a few clicks on the blog to see if it is there.   So I will possibly re-bore you with the details.  And if this is the first time, well I am going to bore you anyways.

Our celebration of Christmas went from Saturday the 21st till Sunday the 29th.

First up, Bennett family.
 This was not staged.   Bill sat down on the chest with his drink.  Eldon ran to the living room to get his.  Every time Bill took a drink, Eldon had to as well.

 Dress up clothes for Princess Bristol courtesy of Aunt Serena.

This girl would have been happy if some one had given her a box full of tissue paper.   She loved pulling it out of her presents.

Now for our Christmas celebration.

 When does the weird "cheese" face end?

Brighton and Eldon got up at 8:30, we woke Bristol at 9.   We read our last Jesse Tree devotions, ate cinnamon rolls, and got on to the present opening.   My parents got here around 1 and we headed to the park so the kids could ride their scooters.  Nope, I didn't take any picture of the kids with my parents.   I really wish I had taken a video of the kids going shopping with my parents to pick out their gifts.   It was cute.

Saturday.  We headed down to the San Diego area for Christmas with my extended family.   It is so fun to see my kids hanging out with my Aunts and Uncles and my Cousin's and their kids.   Winder family Christmas celebrations are some of my best memories, I am glad they get to experience them as well.

Sunday we headed to the San Diego Zoo one last time before our passes expired.   I would not recommend going the weekend after Christmas.  I don't know if it was the beautiful 70 degree weather, the fact that everyone had family in town, or maybe like us they wanted to use their passes one last time but the zoo was crazy town.  But, oh so worth it.

If you cant read that sign, it say average wait time to see the pandas from that point is 35 to 45 minutes.  We had already stood in line for 15 minutes.   Had they not had one of those, "take a photo with a panda" spots right in the middle of the panda exhibit, I am sure our wait would have been much shorter.  

My handsome pack mule

I love the San Diego Zoo, if you haven't been, go at least once in your life. I am bummed we are not renewing our passes this year but it is just to much of a drive.  So we are going to get yearly passes to the LA Zoo instead.  

And that was our Christmas Folks.   Crazy, busy, but in the middle of it all, on Christmas day, we made it all about Jesus before we even opened out presents.   That to me, made it worth all the madness of the season that I detest.

Now, I will work on trying to get caught up on 365 for October through December, which shouldn't be hard at all because I hardly took any photos at all.

Happy New Years Eve.

Friday, December 27, 2013


We had an amazing, wonderful, crazy busy Christmas week.   I am still not done processing it all and we still have one more celebration to attend on Saturday.  So I will probably bore y'all with pictures on Monday but for now, let's look at the story my instagram feed has to tell.  

Jeremy couldn't wait to play with Bristol's present. 

This girl thinks she is a princess.   

 Our small group had a Jesus' birthday party celebration on Sunday.  Brighton was not impressed with the hats.
 Everyone needs a pair of these bad boys.  Super comfortable.  I am not ashamed to admit that I have been shopping in them.

Now on to our Christmas Eve fun.


 Candle light service.  Not so much fun.  Next year I will be dressing for comfort and we will not forget an essential thing like the pacifier.  But Brighton sure did look cute.

 I did not plan ahead at all so we ended up eating out for Christmas Eve dinner.

 In their Christmas jammies.  Not as cool as this video but I thought they looked adorable.

 8:30 am and not a present opened.  My children chose Christmas day of all days to sleep in, clearly they missed the memo on getting up early.  I can't say, I was truely saddened by this.

Bristol holding court as per usual.

There you have it.  Our week in pictures.

Did you have a good Christmas week?

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What I wore-- Blessings

Everything but the shoes and earrings//Target
Shoes//Minnetonka Moccasins
Earrings//Charming Charlies

It is hard to believe that Christmas Eve is here.

These last few weeks have been a real turning point for our little family.  I feel like we are really starting to find contentment here in the desert.  We are making friends, socializing, heck, we even went to a game night last night.  

I am looking forward to what God has in store for us in this season of our lives.

I am also seeing a few answered prayers.  Maybe a few answers to questions I have been asking, like, why would he move us here?

Yep, it is contentment.

I texted Jeremy yesterday saying "God is so good to us" for many reasons, one major reason, but I am really feeling his blessings today.  

Life is good right now.

I can't wait to celebrate Jesus' birth today and tomorrow, to pass on that excitement to the kids, to tell them about all the wonderful things He has done for our family.

Merry Christmas Eve

Thank God for a moment of peace, contentment, and satisfaction. -Jeremy

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!
His faithful love endures forever.
1 Chronicles 16:34

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Monday, December 23, 2013


These last few weeks Bristol has really been testing us. She has been super defiant. I think some of it stems from Brighton being a needier baby but I also think she is just testing us. I seriously feel like we are majorly failing with her. I have broke down to Jeremy asking him " how did I screw up this bad". It has been super rough. I already said that but it is the truth.

So going into Christmas with the Bennett side of the family Saturday was a hard thing for me. I was struggling with her not really being in a position where she needed presents as well as knowing the joy our family gets from giving them presents. But with everything I feel like I am failing at, gratitude to other people isn't one of them. Bristol has this amazing ability to make the gift giver feel so special. She ohs and awes over presents, she says thank you, she is so happy about every little gift.

Even though right now I feel like I can do nothing right with her, some where along the way we taught her how to have a thankful spirit.

For today I will take that.

For today that will be my little ray of light at then end of this tunnel.

I am holding on to it, because once we get past this stage there will be yet another tunnel

Parenting, the kind where you are trying to raise your child to be a loving, caring, responsible Godly woman, is HARD work.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Instafriday-- 12.20.2013

This week may have been crazy busy but it was a good week.  Now I will tell you about it in pictures. 

I mentioned on Monday, it was family day at work

 Isn't this the coolest contraption?   I have been into tea lately since I had to give up coffee for Miss Brighton.  Which between giving up coffee, chocolate (I still cry about this), and her being on reflux medicine, she is a whole new baby.  It is worth it but I had to find something fill that void.  So we have been experimenting with different teas.  So far my favorite bagged tea is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Cherry Blossom Green Tea but then Jeremy went to Teavana when we were in Bakersfield over the weekend.  He got me a loose leave green tea cherry mixture and this awesome brewer thing.  AMAZING!  Add in a teapot, yes, we now own a teapot,  my tea takes less time to make then coffee.   Although, I still really miss my coffee and chocolate.  Did I mention that?

 I made the mistake of showing Bristol The Sound of Music.  Well not really a mistake.  I knew she would love it.  And she does.  Now when she wants to watch it she will put this on her head and say can we watch the singing movie.  There have also been a few request for Maria hair.   Jeremy wants her to see the original with Julie Andrews now.

 Bye bye long hair.  This pony tail was over an inch thick.

 Hello short hair.

 First time in daddy's backpack.  She love it.

 and fell asleep while we were caroling at the local nursing home.

 Did I mention, I was in charge of 5 kids for a couple hours on Wednesday?   Bristol was a huge help and played with Kinslee the whole time.

 Oh look, everyone decorating Christmas cookies.

 Oh look, only 2 left.   They decorated the majority of the cookies.

And people wonder why I let Jeremy do all the cooking.  Seriously, who can compete with this?

Any fun plans for the weekend?   We have another busy weekend lined up.   Date night tonight, while the kiddos are at the Jesus Birthday party, Bennett family Christmas tomorrow, and the small group Jesus Birthday party Sunday.    I am exhausted just typing that.   Can someone come clean and wrap presents so I can take a nap?

Happy Friday

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Wore-- Say goodbye to the hair

Cardigan//Forever 21
Pants//Forever 21
Boots// JC Penny's

These are the first pair of pre-Brighton jeans that I have been able to wear.  So I may or may not be wearing them a lot.   My goal was to be wearing the same pants I was wearing at almost 3 months pregnant last Christmas but it is just not happening.  

So, I totally chopped off all of my hair yesterday.   And now I will bore you with the story.   A few weeks ago, I was browsing through bob hair cuts on pinterest.  This one showed up.
Happy with long hair for now, and this is really short but so cute! Grown Out Pixie with Soft Bangs
I jokingly showed it to Jeremy, like "what about this".  His response was "I like it".  I almost fell off my chair.  Seriously, the man who hates when women have boy cuts, likes this.   After looking for a few days we both agreed that Jenna Elfman's pixie was the way to go.  So like any social media nut, I got on pinterest and made a secret board for my hair cut.  But I never made an appointment because this was like a huge step. Today, when my alarm is going off at 6am and I am ignoring it until I realize it is 6:20am and Jeremy is still in bed, I start to kick him out because he is late for work.  He rolls over and is like "Oh, I have the next 2 days off."   After I got over my surprise and excitement, I was like, I wonder if the hair salon has an opening.  And what do you know? They did.  So I chopped the locks.  

The pony tail she chopped off was over an inch thick.  I have some serious hair.  

And that is my long, pointless hair cutting story.   Now almost all of the ugly, fake, yellow blonde is out and I can finally see my natural color again.  My hair was also really dry.  Living in the desert is killing it.   If you have any special tips or products that would help let me know.  Coconut oil is one that doesn't work for my hair.  It just made is super greasy.

So now I am just going to keep it super short until all the dye is out and then we will see. 

Since Jeremy has today off too, I figured I would head to the eye doctor.  Hopefully they can find contacts that will work with my extremely dry eyes.

Well that is what my week has been like so far, how is yours going?

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