Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Tuesday

I bought 2 books on Friday and have yet to read them.  The first one I bought wouldn't work with my Nook so since I wanted to read really bad I bought a second one.  Then Jeremy turned on Captain America during nap time and I watched that instead.   I really like clean action movies.  My favorite movie is GI Joe. Don't get me wrong I like to watch movies like the Expendables but Captain America and GI Joe are equally great movies without all the language.  Yep, I have turned into a prude.

We have started decorating the house.   Our tree, from Home Depot, went up last night.   The kids love it.   Their decorating style is pretty interesting.    I am only adding a few ornaments to the tree to try and balance their style.   We also decorated our mantel.   I should have pictures later today.    I don't want to post pictures until I can find my tree skirt but for some reason it isn't in the box with the rest of the decorations.  We also need to find mantel hangers for our stockings.  

Jeremy had to take a picture of the tree on the beast.

Jeremy put up a strand of lights in each of the kids room just for fun.   Last night it was so cute, they kept running back and forth between the 2 rooms to look at them.  Bristol's didn't bother her while she was falling asleep because she passed out pretty quickly but an hour later Eldon was wide awake so Jeremy went in an unplugged his.  

I am once again slacking on my present making.  My goal to get Hilary's presents in the mail yesterday didn't happen and probably wont happen today.  I am 90% done with Daphne's present, its just getting the motivation to do the other 10% that is killing me.

We got our new coffee pot!!!!!!  Yes it needed that many explanation points.   And I am loving my black coffee again.

Well I think I am done with this random post about nothing.  Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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