Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday ramblings with a few phone pictures.

If I took a hammer to the coffee maker, do you think Jeremy would let me buy a new one?  We had the same coffee pot for 6 years, it was amazing and then when it broke we replaced it with a cheap one.  Big mistake!  It makes horrible coffee and I am so over it.  The coffee taste like it has been reheated a thousand times.   No amount of creamer can disguise the taste and since I love black coffee this is a problem.  

Eldon is a potty trained rock star.  It feels so weird to say that.  He decided a few weeks back that he was done with diapers and wanted to use the potty.   Since then the stomach flu has visited us, we have all had massive colds, and we have been super busy but this little boy was determined.  He even uses the big potty.  I love it.   Although I have to say he is super messy and I wish I had a maid who could sterilize the bathroom after every use.    The other day he even had his first success on a public potty.   He still wears pull ups for bedtime and nap time but keeps his nap time one dry.  I also like to keep him in a pull up when we are out and about, he wont use it but I like to have it on in case he falls asleep or I can't get him to the potty right away.  Its amazing how long he can hold his pee when he wants to but when mommy wants him to hold it so we can find a bathroom it is the end of the world.  

We still don't have any Christmas decorations up.  We are going to try to cut down our tree this weekend but if it doesn't happen we will probably just put up our white tree.  

Eldon and Bristol got to pick their special reward for filling up the chore chart last night.   They chose ice cream.  Is any one surprised?   I wasn't sure how well the chore chart would work at first and I thought it would be a lot more work for me but it is actually going pretty well with very little protest.  Probably because they know if they put up a stink they still have to do what I ask but they do not get a sticker.   The other day I was sitting on the couch and I look over and see Bristol studying her chart, she came over to me and said "Mommy, I pick up blocks, I get a sticker?"  "Of course, and since I didn't have to ask you, you can have 2 stickers."  It was a very proud mommy moment.  
I love how chaotic his chart is

I was seriously slacking on my quiet book making this week.   I was so tired.  Normally I work on them as soon as the kids go to bed but instead I was going to bed.  Finally on Wednesday, I had to get my butt in gear.   I want to have Daphne's in the mail on Monday so hopefully it makes it to Italy by Christmas.  I should probably buy Hilary's gift as well.  I just looked at the USPS website, they say I have till the 17th to ship to the military but I have a hard time believing that.  I will be sticking with my plan of getting it in the mail by Monday 
Does the girl need a face?

Does someone want to make up my meal list for the next week and do the shopping?  While your at it, could you also cook all the dinners?   It would be greatly appreciated.

We did school twice this week!  We would do it today but we did all the lessons I had planned for today on Monday and Wednesday.  Bristol loves doing school work.   So next week I am planning a lot more.  My goal is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Even if my house is a disaster.
She is trying so hard to color inside the lines

Bristol and Eldon love looking at Christmas lights.  Last night on the way back from Baskin Robbins we had to take the long way home so they could look at all the houses.  I love their excitement 

I think that is all I have for today,  Happy Friday everyone.  I hope y'all have a good weekend.

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