Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas decorating

I love the smell of our Christmas tree.  It is a beautiful thing.  I wish my house smelled like this all year long.

We decorated, finally!  With only 15 days left till Christmas (we decorated Monday) , I told Jeremy we had to get the decorations up or it just wasn't happening this year.   So we headed to out to find a tree.  First we checked at the local church Christmas Tree Lot but they wanted $60 for a little 5 foot thing.   While I have no problem paying a fair price for a tree my goal was around $40.    We were going to go and cut down our tree on Sunday but Saturday was a really busy day and neither of us had the energy to go tree cutting.  But next year it will be happening.  So after the $60 experience I suggested Home Depot.  When we lived in Wyoming that is were we got our first Christmas tree.  They had a pretty awesome selection.  Our tree was $24 dollars, which left money for new lights.    I am kind of picky about the lights.  I really only wanted clear lights on the tree but we only had multi colored , red, and blue strands.  

Our tree with half the the lights and the weirdo branch sticking out.   It gives it character.

Bristol absolutely loved the decorating and un-decorating.  

Eldon thought I needed a light helper.

"Mommy, look at these big socks!" I am bummed it came out so blurry.

Next year I would like to upgrade our stockings.  Or maybe just buy super cheap ones again and let the kids decorate them. 

I decided to make the comfort and joy sign on my cricut because the mantel looked kind of plain without it. Don't you just love that our routers are still there?  I tried to cover them better but it wasn't working.

The tree.  It had a lot more ornaments on it but the kids decided their new goal in life was to take them off.  So I put a few up high, including my ornaments given to me by my parents each year and the rest are sitting in the decorations box.  I personally think a tree with only lights on it is kid of pretty.  I never did find my tree skirt so I used some of my minky fabric from my stash as a tree skirt, which I really like.

I really wasn't sure how the whole decorating process would go with the kids or if I would enjoy it but it was a blast.   They had so much joy.  It really did rub off on me and I actually enjoyed decorating for Christmas this year.  It was perfect we listened to worship music on Pandora, because I am a Christmas music hater, the kids made a complete mess, but their was lots of smiles.  What more could a mommy ask for?   

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