Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Potty training, eyelets, and stuffing

I was going to post about how awesome Eldon is doing at pooping on the potty.  While I was still cleaning up his potty he decided to finish his business in the hall. I guess he wasn't really done.  He still has quite gotten the hang of peeing in the potty yet but we are getting closer.  If I accidentally leave him in a pull up he wont pee in instead he waits until its off and pees. Well I wrote that on Sunday since then Eldon has been doing a lot better.  He is really getting the hang of this potty training but I do have to say boys are much messier when it comes to potty training than girls.  It is gross.

We reorganized the kitchen Saturday.  I should have taken a picture during all the craziness. 

I am thinking about getting rid of my shoulder length bob and going with something a little more messy.  I have until my appointment on December 4th to decide.

I cannot keep up with Eldon's growth spurts right now.   In the last 2 weeks he has completely outgrown his coat and 2 pairs of his pants.  The kid is a weed.  Most shirts are to big on him width wise but length and sleeve wise they are short.  Do they have a tall and skinny store for little boys?  I have been asked a lot lately if Bristol and Eldon are twins because of big he his getting..

You can tell Eldon is stuck at home with me and Bristol all day, he loves to paint his nails and put on sissy's boots.

Eyelets are hard work.  I bought an eyelet tool but its still a learning curve.  Thankfully I think I have it down by now but this first one doesn't look so hot.

I haven't said anything I am thankful for yet this year on the blog.  But I am really thankfully for our health insurance.  Over the last 3 months I have been to the doctor a lot and had many vials of blood taken and our insurance has covered it all.   

Today I need to bake the bread to make our stuffing.  I love homemade stuffing it is some of my favorite stuff.   

Happy Tuesday!

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