Monday, November 12, 2012

Boat races

2 weekends ago we went to the boat races.  The last time I went was 7 years ago right after Jeremy and I got married.  A lot has changed.  We moved out of California, lived in Wyoming and Colorado, and then moved back to California.   We have added 2 amazing, wonderful, exhausting, hair pulling, loving kids to our mix and 3 doggies.  Its just amazes me that so much has changed here in the 5 1/2 years we were gone.  I now get lost when I am in Temecula because there are so many new things.   And then the Desert.  I still can't get over how much it has changed since the last time I was there.  Even driving through on the 10 it is a whole new looking city. Its weird but amazingly I didn't get lost last time we were down there probably because of my handy dandy navigation app.
This is how Bristol dressed for the car ride

Bristol: "Mommy big fans off, big fans off"

It took passing like 10 of these signs and being stuck in traffic to finally get a picture.

Look at those gas prices.

Anyways on to the boat races.  It was so much fun, exhausting, and something I would love to do again.   We got to see my Uncle Butch race, watch the Top Fuel guys fail and run a few good runs, and the kids got to spend time with Maga and Paga.

The almost 8 hour drive up there the kids did AMAZING, I was shocked.  They only had one melt down and that was when I turned off the TV and tried to convince them to take a nap since they had been up since 6 am and it was almost 3pm.  But they weren't going for it.    We packed the car with their favorite movies, snacks, coloring stuff, and few books.  I should have brought  match box cars for Eldon because he isn't as fond of coloring as Bristol is.

The only time Eldon fell asleep and Bristol woke him up by taking his blanket away.  

Saturday was a rough day.  The kids were not to happy about sitting in the stands with nothing to do.  And having to wear ear plugs and/or ear muffs because of the noise the Top Fuels guys make.  They didn't have to wear them for any of the other classes of boats but I did make them put them on when we were hanging out in the pits because it can get quite loud.   Finally when we were at the end of rope, we stuck them in the stroller and Jeremy pushed them around.  About 10 minutes in the fell asleep, we stuck the ear muffs on them and Jeremy walked them around while they napped.  I sat down and relaxed :)    

Sunday was a complete turn around.  As soon as we got to the track Bristol asked if she could take her crayons and paper and go watch the boat races.   They sat in the stands really well this day.  Bristol colored, Eldon droped the crayons through the bleachers, and they both watched the boats.  

I really didn't take as many pictures as I normally do because I was to busy watching the races.  

She insisted on wearing the muffs this way.

Look, Eldon found a vacuum.

The kids driving Uncle Butch's boat

And now a few montage of a couple races.

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