Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday randomness

I had the tune to 100 beers on the wall going through my head last night but instead of beers it was "11 vials of blood on the wall" because that is how many they took from me.  Yes, if you didn't already know for sure I just confirmed that I am in fact crazy.

Bristol insist on wearing her hair in a bun everyday. But for anyone who knows my long hair self it is really Savanna hair.  If you tell her that she says " its not Sabanna hair its a BUN!".  I think it is adorable. 

I really need to work on 365 for September. I have half the pictures done. Now I just need to take the rest off of my phone.  

I am feeling restless and worn out today.  I have a migraine so once again absolutely nothing is getting done.  Thank goodness no one ever comes to visit because my house is out of control.  

I really want to take the kids to the pumpkin patch this weekend since we are skipping Halloween this year. But who knows if it will happen.  

I haven't been taking pictures a whole lot lately. Mostly because I don't want people to see how dirty my house is in the background and then other days it is because I just plan forget.

I am having a complete brain fart when it comes to Christmas gifts.  I have a few ideas but in all I have nothing.   I might want to get on that train quick tho since the majority of my gifts are homemade and I have to send a few presents to Italy this year.

Today's mops lesson was about what you want your family to stand for and how to go about accomplishing that.  I never really thought about making a plan but I do know there are certain things I want for our family.  Like sibling bonds that last a lifetime, a close relationship with God, and valuing family above everything else.   

I am really bummed it got hot again. Well not completely because it more time to stock up on winter clothes for the kids but I loved wearing my boots last weekend. 

Well its nap time so I probably should put the kids down so I can sleep off this migraine and hopefully get out of my funk.  

Oh maybe I should think about dinner first.  

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