Friday, October 26, 2012

The week according to my phone

I am trying so very hard to not turn on the heater right now.  But I am freezing in my fleece sweater, pj pants, and slippers.

Bristol is so excited to start school.  I finally found ink for our printer and started organizing everything for the  first 2 weeks of school.  We are aiming for 3 days a week.  And the days will very based on what we have going on that week but more than likely it will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

I have been trying to get more videos of Eldon but the kid is uncooperative   He either stops doing the video worthy thing or he starts crying the minute I get my phone on video mode.  So its not because he is the second kid its because he is anti being cute on video.

I can't decide on if we are going to do Halloween or not this year.   I keep going back in forth.  If we do it we would go to one of the local churches harvest festivals.  Will see what happens tomorrow when I go to look at costumes tomorrow.  Unlike last year I have no creative ideas.  I know Bristol wants to be a princess, we shall see what happens.

We have wanted to a do a chore chart for a while so I finally am getting around to it.  I stole a brilliant idea from Life Rearranged where she took pictures of the chores.  Since neither of the kiddos can read it is a perfect solution.  Now I just need to get small stickers for them to be able to put on the chart.   We still haven't really decided what to do for rewards.  I have a hard time rewarding the kids for doing chores.  I think we are leaning towards letting them pick something special to do that is small like go get a juice at Starbucks with mommy or daddy.  Or maybe stay up 10 minutes past bed time to read a book with us.  Well I have plenty of time to decide.

Put away silverware

Clean up blocks

Put away books

Have an accident free day

Put away cars (for Eldon)

Put away shoes(for Eldon)

I finally cleaned out my pattern drawer.  As you can see it was a mess.

Should we take bets on how long it will stay organized?  I give it till I need one of these patterns.   I am messy like that.  Speaking of which, I really want to make the kids winter hats this year.  Maybe I will do that today.

The kids have been playing with the monkey backpack leash all week.  Bristol wears it and Eldon either pulls her around the house or she drags him around the house.  Its pretty cute to watch.  

Well now its time to get off the computer.  I have a date with my treadmill and then I have a few chores to get done. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  

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