Friday, October 5, 2012

Qutie time and the week according to my phone

I am seriously failing at doing my morning quite time.    I use to do it when the kids were eating breakfast but now between trying to get my breakfast in my belly while it is still warm plus filling up sippy cups, getting the kids seconds, and playing referee I can no longer get it done.   So then my plan b is to replace quite time with my usual morning computer time.  This is where I sit in front of the computer after breakfast reading blogs, facebook, and maybe getting a little pinterest time in while trying to wake up and drink my now warm coffee.   But once again I am back to playing referee, changing poopy diapers, and making sure all the poop is whipped from a certain potty trained kids butt, and now Skyping with Hilary.  Before I know it its time for baths, running, cleaning, lunch, dinner, and bed time and I still haven't had my quite time.  I still haven't had my daily nourishment.    So my brilliant plan over the last 2-3 weeks has been to get up with Jeremy.  It is simply, get up at 5 am because I don't sleep from 5-6:30 am anyways because Jeremy's alarm is constantly going off and its like 2 degrees in our room.    So get up 5am eat breakfast, read my bible, pray, and then if I have time get in my run.   Want to know how many times this has worked out over the last 3 weeks?   2 times.  And on those 2 days it ended with Bristol playing on my phone while I am running on the treadmill, trying to push on with no music motivation to help me.   The problem is Bristol is an early riser, as soon as the sun is on (her words) she wants to start her day.  So as soon as she hears me up and moving she is sitting at her door "Mama, mama, MOMMY COME GET ME!"  Yes it starts all nice and quite then ends in her yelling at the top of her lungs to come get her.   Then my quite time goes out the door and I have started the day at 5 am for no reason.  Because let me tell you I don't generally believe in 5 am.  I have learned to tolerate it since having kids because the earlier I get up the more productive I am but I do miss sleeping in.  So I am kind of not sure when to get my quite time done but I do know I need to it and I would like it to last for more than 5 minutes.

Let it be know.  I will probably be orange soon.  I am loving yams, carrots with hummus, and peaches for lunch.  I eat it every single day.  I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!

Bristol needed a new pair of lace leggings.  So I used the last of my lace to make her a new pair.  I plan to buy more when I go to the garment district next weekend.

Maga Cathy bought these fun glasses for the kids to play with last weekend.

Eldon has beautiful eyelashes.  I wish mine were this full and long, I wouldn't ever need mascara again.

I love this picture.  It makes all the fighting, lack of sharing, and screaming worth it.

A new use for the jumper.

This girl would steal my sunglasses if I let her

Yet another new use for the jumper.  

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