Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin patch 2012

We did end up going to the pumpkin patch yesterday.  It was a lot of fun and I am glad we made a point to do it again this year.   Last year Eldon wasn't really interested so it was really cool to watch him run around yesterday.    And he used it as a way to perfect his temper tantrums.   He wasn't into holding hands because big sissy didn't have to.   The only problem was Bristol will walk with us, Eldon goes off in his own little world watching his feet as he walks so he really has no clue were he is going.   

The ride home from the pumpkin patch was quite the adventure.  Jeremy's brothers Tahoe was having issues and at one point the 3 guys were working on the truck in the parking lot of Auto Zone while the women and kids hung out in our car.

Ready for picture overload?  I took something like 200 pictures but weeded it down to 28.  Your welcome. 

Bristol wanted to take this pumpkin with us.

She was so mad that she couldn't go back and play in the corn box one more time before we left.

Isn't his t-shirt adorable.  My friend Amy made it for him.  Check out her page.

Eldon's version of thumbs up!

I can't believe my little guy has gotten so big!

Bristol wouldn't stand in front of the sign last year.

Why must you take our picture?

We suck at this whole family picture thing!

Can you believe how much the kids have changed since last year?  I sure cant. 

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