Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 365

I love the moments I got this month.

Lately Bristol has been begging me to take her picture.  I willing subject makes for cuter pictures if I do say so myself.  

We decided to treat the kiddos to icecream.

Eldon is starting to play with his cars more and more.  Personally I think its adorable   

Eldon spent a lot of time in the pink stroller at my drs appointments. 

Skyping with baby Daphne

We are not good at this whole family picture thing.  

Bristol beading with Maga.  

This is a common scene.   Bristol sleeping in the car, Eldon watching a movie.  

I love these pictures
We might be getting better at this whole family picture thing.   We are all looking forward.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random thought on this Tuesday evening

My eyebrows need a lot of  attention right now. I really hate plucking them. I always manage to screw them up.  If my face didn't stay red for a day after waxing I would just go that route all the time. 

I am enjoying this weather. It's not cold and no where near hot. Since there is no wind me and kids are playing outback.  They are loving it.

I have tried really hard to finish out October 365 strong.  I realized my mood affects my picture taking.  Since I was pretty sad at the beginning of the month pictures just weren't a priority.  Instead getting through the days was. I have caught up and  I am so on top of things that I only have to add tomorrows pictures and hit post on the blog.  Its all ready to go.

I am pretty nervous about how the kids will do on our 6 hour car ride this weekend.  

Its hard to believe that in 13 days I will be celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary.   God, like always, knew exactly what he was doing we he gave me Jeremy.

I am going to start potty training Eldon next week.  It is time.  I have put it off long enough.  He is ready, daddy is ready, sissy will be happy, but mommy is a little sad.  He is my little boy.   He may be the last little baby of mine that I ever diaper.  I think I am even sadder that cloth diapers will no longer be a part our routine.  I love cloth diapers, yes they have the icky parts like poop but I thoroughly have enjoyed the experience.  I don't plan to get rid of my stash in case God blesses us with another baby.

I have slept 8+ hours the last 3 nights.  It has been amazing.   The last 3 weeks I couldn't sleep more than 2 hours at a time.  Which resulted in only about 4 hours total a night.   I was getting horrible migraines from lack of sleep and it wasn't helping my sadness at all.   We were so busy Saturday that by the time I went to bed I crashed HARD.  I work up at 5 am but it was worth it.  I felt so much better and it must have snapped my body out of its funk.  Sunday night I was able to sleep about 8 hours and I felt even better yesterday.  I took a 2 hour nap and then slept 10 hours last night.  Today is the first day I haven't be exhausted in a while. Plus I haven't had a migraine in 2 days.  Its been wonderful.  I am so glad sleep was causing my migraines and not my dried mango addiction.  

We bought a serge protector for my treadmill last hoping it would fix it.  Lately it completely shuts down mind run which is super frustrating   I was only able to run 1.8 miles yesterday, my goal was 2.5.  Eventually I plan to run 3-5 a day but I have to take it super slow because my shin splints start to act up any time I try and push it.

I may have said I wasn't exhausted a few thoughts back but I am starting to get tired.  But before I got to bed I need to bathe the kids, put them to bed, and do a Barre3 video.

Well I better get to my to-do list and stop blogging.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The week according to my phone

I am trying so very hard to not turn on the heater right now.  But I am freezing in my fleece sweater, pj pants, and slippers.

Bristol is so excited to start school.  I finally found ink for our printer and started organizing everything for the  first 2 weeks of school.  We are aiming for 3 days a week.  And the days will very based on what we have going on that week but more than likely it will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

I have been trying to get more videos of Eldon but the kid is uncooperative   He either stops doing the video worthy thing or he starts crying the minute I get my phone on video mode.  So its not because he is the second kid its because he is anti being cute on video.

I can't decide on if we are going to do Halloween or not this year.   I keep going back in forth.  If we do it we would go to one of the local churches harvest festivals.  Will see what happens tomorrow when I go to look at costumes tomorrow.  Unlike last year I have no creative ideas.  I know Bristol wants to be a princess, we shall see what happens.

We have wanted to a do a chore chart for a while so I finally am getting around to it.  I stole a brilliant idea from Life Rearranged where she took pictures of the chores.  Since neither of the kiddos can read it is a perfect solution.  Now I just need to get small stickers for them to be able to put on the chart.   We still haven't really decided what to do for rewards.  I have a hard time rewarding the kids for doing chores.  I think we are leaning towards letting them pick something special to do that is small like go get a juice at Starbucks with mommy or daddy.  Or maybe stay up 10 minutes past bed time to read a book with us.  Well I have plenty of time to decide.

Put away silverware

Clean up blocks

Put away books

Have an accident free day

Put away cars (for Eldon)

Put away shoes(for Eldon)

I finally cleaned out my pattern drawer.  As you can see it was a mess.

Should we take bets on how long it will stay organized?  I give it till I need one of these patterns.   I am messy like that.  Speaking of which, I really want to make the kids winter hats this year.  Maybe I will do that today.

The kids have been playing with the monkey backpack leash all week.  Bristol wears it and Eldon either pulls her around the house or she drags him around the house.  Its pretty cute to watch.  

Well now its time to get off the computer.  I have a date with my treadmill and then I have a few chores to get done. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beth Moore, Online imaginary friends, and a major picture overload!

With everything that happened last week I totally forgot to tell you about the wonderful weekend I had.   

It started off with this beautiful morning

We were on our way down to Lancaster so Jeremy and the kids could drop me off to see Beth Moore live in person.   

I am a huge Beth Moore fan.  If I am going to do a bible study I always look for a Beth Moore one first.  Everyone of her books I have read and studies I have done have been powerful.  And let me tell you she did not disappoint.  It was an amazing 2 day conference.  I have to say I was having a hard time keeping my focus on the conference because I was thinking about other things.  But I still feel like I got so much from it.

Here is the line going in.

The worship, the speaker, everything was wonderful.  If you ever have a chance to see Beth Moore in person I highly recommend it.  And do one of her studies.  They are amazing.  You will have a deeper relationship with God afterwards. 

One of the best birthday presents ever.  It was a wonderful time with my mother in law.   

On the way home we hit up the garment district in LA.   It was so much fun.  I can't wait to go back again and explore the other side of the street.   
I bought the lace fore these.

I have big plans for that blue lace.

While I was off playing Jeremy was at his brother house.  Here are the boys playing together.
They are definitely going to be trouble makers and heart breakers as they get older.

Bristol wanted to ride in Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tawny's car on the way to meet me.

Sunday we headed down to the Disney area to stay in a hotel so we could meet a very dear friend the next day.  Bristol fell asleep 10 minutes before we got to the hotel.  

Monday morning I didn't have high hopes for a pleasant first meeting.   The kids were exhausted from not easily falling asleep the night before plus not have a nap in like 3 days. I was dreading it.  I was worried about the first impression my kiddos would make on Amy.  But on the way to Downtown Disney their moods started to improve.   

How is it possible that we need this much stuff for a family of 4 for 4 days?  I feel like I have to bring the whole house with use when we leave for more than a night.  

The fact that I packed 5 pairs of shoes probably didn't help right?   I couldn't help it, we left on a day when the high was 60 and on Monday the high was 90.  That requires a few different options.  

Meeting Amy for the first time in person was awesome.  I wish she didn't live in Maryland.   We have so much in common.  Bristol and Shae became fast friends.  I think if we lived near each other these girls would never be apart. 

How do I know Amy if I have never met her in person.  She is one of my online imaginary friends.  She is a Sept 09 mom.  I have an amazing online support system in the Sept 09 moms there are about 50 of us who are very close.  They have been right by my side through everything that has been happening this year.  We share our highs, our lows, and our in between.  They are the first place I go for sick kiddo advice, a good laugh, a place to express my deepest feelings.  I have had the joy of meeting a couple of them and have a desire to meet a lot more of them in person.  Its funny that I met these women when I was looking for advice on how to treat thrush.  

Eldon loved the Ridemakerz store. He was so interested in everything. Maybe we will take him back for his birthday to build his own car. He was also obsessed with all the Mater stuff in the Disney store. He didn't understand why he couldn't have it all. :-)
he doesn't look impressed in this picture but he was.

After we meet up with Amy we headed to Costco, picked up the doggies,and came home.

It was a long 4 days but it was a wonderful 4 days.  

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