Friday, September 14, 2012

The week according to my phone!

This post is also my random thoughts!  

It was a really fast week it seems like.

I asked Bristol what she wanted to wear today and she said pink dress.   She searched her closet for this thing.  

The funny thing is we were just talking last night about how our girl is going to be a tom boy.  Which I am totally okay with but clearly she has a girly side as well.

I had to get a new phone case.  Eldon and Bristol like to stretch it out and it finally stayed that way.  Thankfully Amazon emailed me a while back with phone cases made specifically for my phone.  So it was easy to pick.   
Its a lot brighter in person.

Jeremy swears I will never loose it again because of how bright it is.  

I may be obsessed with running these days.  I look forward to my run every morning.  Yesterday unfortunately I had to take the day off because my house was a complete disaster so I had it get back under control.  But I was right back at it today.  I have been wanting a heart rate monitor for a couple weeks now. I can across this one that works with the Run Keeper app I have on my phone.... maybe for Christmas.

Bristol reading her new turtle book with Maga!

They love this play kitchen.

All the cool kids wear their bicycle helmet around the house.

He loves his baby

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Am I the only one that thinks this is a ridiculous toy?  But it does keep the kids busy so that is a good thing.

I had to have snickerdoodles last night with a cup of almond milk hot coco. They were super yummy but a little too sweet.   

Her new favorite place to fall asleep.

I have a replacement phone coming today.   The hard reset didn't fix it, so they sent me a warranty replacement.  

We went and bought our tickets to the aquarium today.  By buying them on base we saved $5 an adult.  Awesome!

I had plenty of other things that I wanted to write about but now I can't remember what they were.  I am sure as soon as I hit publish it will come to me.   

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