Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sea turtles, Nemo, and Dory

I have been waiting post this for a couple days because I was hoping to get a video of Miss Bristol telling everyone about the aquarium but she is not cooperating.  Do 3 year olds ever cooperate?  It was written Monday morning.

This morning it is hard to remember all the fun we has yesterday. The fact that there were zero meltdowns from the kiddos. It's hard to concentrate on the fact that I 100% loved spending time with them yesterday. There was no need to shut the bathroom door just so I could have 5 minutes to myself.  I am thankful that they bottled up all the arguing with each other, meltdowns, lack of sleep attitudes for today. Because yesterday was almost perfect.  

The kiddos are both at an age where they are enjoy going new places. I loved watching the excitement on their faces at seeing all the fishes.  It was worth getting up at 5 am to watch them clap for the sea lions every time they swam by.  It was so cool to see Eldon bravely stick his hand in the touch tanks and to watch Bristol be a lot more cautious.  I loved that Bristol and Eldon loved on there Grandparents equally. Sharing there joy with all of them.  Watching Bristol hang out with Maga and Aunt Tawny while we ate lunch giving me a little one one time with little dude.   I loved hearing Eldon's say " fishy" as he pointed to the tanks. 
So even though today has been a day of break downs, fights over the blocks, who gets what.... It is worth it because yesterday was wonderful.  The 3 hour car ride each way was peaceful with excitement over seeing
nemo and Dory on the way down and the peacefullnrss of baby snores on the way home. 
I can't wait to do it again.

She insisted on wearing her turtle shirt again.  

The steps were much more interesting than the aquarium at the moment.

We stink at family pictures.  I really need to find a new photographer out here.  
At least me and Jeremy are looking at the camera this time!

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